Royal Household Cavalry final preparations

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has completed a string of major rehearsals in Hyde Park, including Commander Household Cavalry’s Inspection and the Major General’s Review. The rehearsals enabled the Regiment to continue training for the Royal Wedding.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment are now commencing rehearsals specific to the Royal Wedding escorts. Working in conjunction with colleagues in The Royal Mews, practices have now taken place employing several carriages replicating the ones that will be used on the big day.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has also been training the horses in preparation for the wedding day.

Capt James Hulme said: “Past reports from such large scale national celebrations have highlighted the huge noise from the crowds, and when riding towards Westminster Abbey, we expect to have to ride through a wall of sound. Apparently it is like riding horses though the middle of a rock concert.”

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment will be using around 150 ‘cavalry blacks’ on the Royal Wedding. A mixture of Thoroughbred, and the steady Irish Draught, the horses all stand at over 16 hands tall.

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