Black & White Cake with Fantastic Shape

Wedding cake pictures by be cheery.

4 tier cake with different shape. Black buttercream diamonds, rounds, & pattern are drawn onto white cake. Decorated with red fresh flower on every tier of cake.

Red and White Wedding Cakes

Red is emotions that steer passionate love. While, white is clean. So, if you put red on white cake, the red will be looks stronger. It's a great combination that suitable for your white wedding dress. Red & white combination also will gives much love energy into your wedding. Here are red & white wedding cakes designs to inspire you:

Romantic Soft Wedding Cake

Soft wedding cake decorated with cascade rose bouquet & fall flowers. Glimmer candlelight sets the romantic scene. Rose & candlelight are always associated with love & romance.Photos by Photo Artiste

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Have you ever heard of someone who doesn't like chocolate? If there is someone who doesn't like chocolate, maybe he has allergy to chocolate. People love chocolate because of sweetness, can make them feel good, and can lower blood pressure. So, there is no reason for you to not include chocolate in your cake. You can make a wedding cake with 100% chocolate or mix it with milk, cheese, fruits, etc.
Here are chocolate wedding cakes gallery to inspire you:

Jes Rickleff

Jes Rickleff

Jes Rickleff is the "winner" of VH1's "Rock of Love". She lives in Kearney, Nebraska and works at a salon called "Bang". Jes Rickleff is not really emo but she got this really nice pink highlights and thats worth mentioning her on this blog. It takes an enormous amount of self confidence to wear pink hair and she's just oozing with it.

Egyptian Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding cake pictures by thepalmtrees.

"The Ancient Egypt" is the theme of this wedding cake. 3 tier white wedding cake decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphs(combination of logo, graphic, & alphabetic elements as a writing system). Miniature of Pharaoh and his consort - wearing wedding dress, put as topper.


American biographer Kitty Kelly made an impressive research about the lives of the world’s oldest surviving royalty, the British monarchy. In 1994 she started a controversial compilation of “The Royals”, a blow by blow account of the British royal family since the creation of the House of Windsor in 1917. The book was praised in the US (and even managed to become number one in the New York time magazine listing of Best sellers) as a fine masterpiece biography of the world’s most famous family but ridiculed in Britain for being poor in content and inaccurate. According to Ms. Kelly, royalty has a rather appalling than mesmerizing concept. She was quoted that in Great Britain where there is a strict rule for social status; people solely defined by bloodlines, not character, education, achievement or wealth. Royalty stood at the top of humanity’s ladder, everybody else scrambled below with no hope of ascending. During ancient times, commoners were not allowed to mingle with royalty, and no one dared to defy the rules set by them.

The book exposed the most sensitive aspect of the monarchy and the scandals involving some prominent members including the heir apparent, Prince Charles. The first edition was released in the summer of 1997, so controversial that it was not published in Great Britain and the royal family even treated to file a law suit against the biographer. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in particular, was reportedly furious about Ms. Kelly’s revelations which lead to rumors and speculations that the saucy tidbits about the former Greek Royal having various mistresses and his escapade outside his marriage bed might true and accurate.
During Queen Victoria of England’s reign, royalty looked up by many as the true model of elegance, modesty and refinement, but as the 20th century approaches, this medieval principle gnarled to merely illusions as royals themselves are the source of scandals and controversies that hugged headlines throughout the world. In Britain, The Queen’s subjects are all disappointed with their future king, Prince Charles’ behavior that the local newspapers thundered: ABC (Anybody But Charles) and chanted “God Save the Queen and save us from her heir”.

Perhaps the most unforgettable scandal that rocked the establishment was the controversial voluntary abdication of King Edward VIII, eldest son of King George V. When the first Windsor monarch died from pneumonia on January 1936, Prince David ascended immediately as Edward VIII, but his first few months on the throne brought out difficulties that threatened an institutional crisis, the sensitive issue on whether he could take Wallis Simpson as his consort without the opposition of his subjects. Mrs. Simpson, a twice divorce American woman, did not passed the requirements of an ideal Queen Consort, she was even called “Edward’s unholy lover” by the King’s mother, Queen Mary. The Prime Ministers in the British commonwealth of nations reinforced the sentiments of the public by urging the new King to either abandon Wallis or abdicate.

Edward made no hesitation when he chose his lover over duty and tradition. In his unforgettable abdication statement, he said that it’s too impossible for him to continue his kingship without the support of the woman he loved. The news spread through out the world that, according to at least one account, one reporter in New York City exclaimed “it’s the greatest news to hit the world since the resurrection!”. Edward was created Duke of Windsor and literally banished from the court sending his shy brother, Prince Albert or Bertie to the throne. The Duke of York, who by then married to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore and has 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, was favored before hand by his father to inherit the crown. Amidst his stammering habit which irritated his father at times, he was solidly married and represented the monarchy with dignity in various official engagements unlike his older brother who cavorted to social gatherings with strings of married women. At the end of his life, George V cursed the primogeniture succession barring his second son Bertie from acquiring the crown, but within eleven months after his death, his favorite son began his rule and reigned for 16 years as George VI and was succeeded by his eldest daughter Elizabeth.

The British monarchy surrounded by mystique and charm, rely mostly on pomp and pageantry, where according to poet Noel Coward “that’s where they do best”. Its ancient symbol the Windsor Castle is the oldest inhabited castle in the world dating back from 11th century, when William the Conqueror choose the site as his official court after his successful invasion from the last Anglo-Saxon King, Harold II. The fortress, composed of cobbled stone and dark archways, is situated south of London above the placid Thames River at Berkshire. 19th century diarist Samuel Pepys dubbed it as the most romantic castle that is in the world.

Today, the monarchy is still alive though haunted with loads of controversies, yet the mystique is still the status symbol of Great Britain. Its current head Queen Elizabeth II reigned for more than 50 years since her accession in 1952 on the death of her father King George VI, continued inspiring her subjects and all its territories and nations with in her realm for whom the citizen affectionately called her, Her Majesty. Scandals and controversies however overshadowed the prestige of the crown. 20th century was probably the most trying times of the monarchy, where all members of the royal family deals with individual’s scandals, but as the old adage goes:" still the show must go on".

Until the 18th century, Great Britain was merely a geographical name. When the last Tudorian Monarch, ELIZABETH I, died without a direct heir, the English throne passed to her distant cousin King James VI of Scotland, this paved the way for the personal union of two kingdoms and in the early 1700 Great Britain was born, hence the Stuart monarch became known as James I of Britain. The last ruler of this house was Queen Anne, she died without issue and was succeeded by his grandfather's great grandchild, George I of Hanover (a tiny princely state in Germany).

The history of British throne largely shaped by controversies spanning from number of decades through different monarchs. George III, the third of the Hanoverian monarchs, suffered severely from insanity that he was partly blamed for giving away some of the American state colonies. At the end of his life, the king, who reportedly seen talking and hugging trees at hide park, was totally blind and neurotic that he was incapable of ruling the kingdom, his eldest son and successor Prince George sat as regent until his father's death nine years later.

The Hanover royal house ended in 1837 when King William IV (George III's 4th son) died without legitimate children. His niece Princess Victoria of Kent succeeded him as Queen Victoria but could not be crowned in Hanover because of the salic law "prohibiting a woman nor a claimant through a woman from acquiring". Instead, she took the name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha from a ducal German territory, where both her mother(Princess Victoria) and husband (Prince Albert, her first cousin) descended. This royal house came to a quick end in 1917 when Victoria's grandson George V decided to change his house name to WINDSOR.  

The first world war brought so much chaos to european royalty that King George secured his kingdom by distancing himself from his royal relatives with German descent. His volatile subjects hated the Huns or the Germans and everything Germanic, so he did nothing when his beloved cousin Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor (whose German wife Alexandra was George V's first cousin also through Queen Victoria) was forced to abdicate and later massacred (with his wife Empress Alexandra and their 5 young children) by the Bolshevics at Ekaterenberg. When his cousin Prince Louis of Battenberg (whose wife Princess Victoria of Hesse was George V's cousin also and the elder sister of Empress Alexandra of Russia), was forced to resign his position in the Royal Navy partly because of his German roots and relinquished his princely title, the king offered him the noble title Marquess Milford Haven and admonished to anglicize his name from Battenberg to Mountbatten to well suit with the english people without a German ribbon. The conscious king was still worried that he sat with his advisers for the name changing, his private secretary Lord Stamfhordam proposed for the name of Windsor, this satisfied the king and proclaimed on July 1917 that his family and all his descendants would be styled and must bear the name Windsor from now on.

The present monarch of that name is Elizabeth II, said to be the favorite grandchild of George V, she made a formal announcement in 1960 that although she's married to Prince Philip (Prince Louis of Battenberg's grandson and Elizabeth's third cousin through Queen Victoria and himself a Greek Prince, but renounced his royal title and the Greek Orthodox religion in 1946 and adopted his maternal surname Mountbatten), she, unlike other women in the realm would not carry her husband's name instead she emphasized that her descendants who are not direct succeessors to the throne, would carry the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. Her only sister, The Princess Margaret (who died in 2002), made headlines in 1953 when she was involved in a romantic relationship with a divorced commoner man Peter Townsend, the relationship created much tension in Britain. As Princess of the blood royal and in line with the succession of the British throne, Margaret is not permitted to marry a divorce person (at that time British establishment frowned a marriage among royals with a divorce partner and was strongly prohibited by the church of England). Margaret was forced to retreat and sought another man's affection in the person of Tony Armstrong-Jones, a royal court photographer, they married less than a year and the Queen created Armstrong-Jones, the first Earl of Snowdon so that her sister would have a peer wife status. 18 years later the Princess was the first reigning sovereign's direct family to disband her marriage vows. Two decades later, all of the Queen's three children plunged to what the monarchy's dreaded most-DIVORCE.

The heir apparent, Prince Charles, took his first trip to the altar in 1981 with the pretty Earl of Althorp's daughter, Lady Diana Spencer, their union, speculated by the media and sensationalized by the tabloid to be deemed even at the beginning, produced two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. The Princess of Wales who was more popular than her husband, won adulation through out the globe, she dazzled wherever she goes and inspired many with her unique charm, compassion and beauty. She established various charities and had a special magic to connect with people from different walks of life. Her sudden death in 1997, brought controversies even more to the House of Windsor.

No one can ever tell if the present Prince of Wales could really mount the throne as Charles III. In English history, no other divorced monarch ascended the throne since George I, the first of the Hanoverian monarchs. As this issue became a rallying point by Charles' detractors against him and given the fact that most of his future subjects were equally disappointed with his behavior when Diana was still alive, it is uncertain whether he could really follow the footsteps of his long line of ancestors occupying the mystical place of the highest throne on earth.

So You Want an Emo Hairstyle?

A wise choice of haircut- I think it'll look fabulous!

Okay, firstly let's focus on your face shape.

It you have a longer face, and a squared jaw, then you'd suit the hair being as long as it is in those pictures. However, if you have more of a round face then I suggest going slightly shorter at the back to counter-balance the long fringe. For example, this pic.

Find out what hairdressers you will be using (I use Toni And Guy as they do 'emo/scene' styles really well) and go and talk to one of the hairdressers that'll cut your hair for you. Explain to them what they think is best for you hair, whether the style will suit you etc. Print off the photographs and show them. Doing this will let your hairdresser know exactly what you want it like- but do bear in mind, these hairstyles are high maintenance and it'll cost a fortune on hair products.

Now, for the descriptive part.

You'll need your hair reasonably long before you get your hair cut, so you can have the shape 'cut in'. From the pictures, your hairstylist will be able to get a good idea of what they'll be doing. A sweeping, choppy fringe across one side is important. Remember to tell them to keep one side longer and shorter as you go across, so you get that 'flicked' look. Keep it longer along the sides and at the back, razoring layers into it. Then, at the crown of the head, the hair should be cut really short so it can be 'spiked up' with wax or gel.

Have a go with some colour if you're feeling brave- white blonde highlights, a creamy blue or perhaps even pink or orange if you're really going for it. Get them sliced in under your sweeping fringe and at the nape of your neck. There are a few links at the end of my post which suggest some good colours which would work well with that haircut. Take a look.

If you need any styling tips after you get your hair cut, send a message to Demixxdinosaur from Yahoo Anwser and she'd love to help you guys. His boyfriend has exactly the same haircut and she does his hair often and watch him style it all of the time.

Personal Experience of Demixxdinosaur from Yahoo Answer.

Multi Colored Cake

Simple 2 tier cheerful cake. Multi pastel colored cake with fondant white rose as topper.
Picture by elise (this is my elk).

EUROPE: The Grand Continent

When I was still in my fourth grade, my father brought home a glossy, life size calendar featuring some of the best european countries. My 10-year-old mind glued on the breathtaking sight of Veyvey,which I found out, a milk dominated farm in Eastern Switzerland (home base of Nestle Food Company better known as Societe de Produits Nestle in their local tongue). The magnificent sight features cows and sheeps placidly gnawing green grass on the scallop mountain.It was a childhood fascination that triggered my innocent mind to discover the other side of the planet, well, EUROPE in particular. I started clipping articles, pictures or anything I found in my father's desk (much to his fury)featuring the elegant continent.The rocky mountains of Switzerland, the mystical region of Burgundy in France and the romantic scenery of Monaco seems like a great escape. When I became of age, this fascination (of traveling to europe) continued with the help of modern technology.

London is an exciting city, I supposed, with all its splendor and sophistication it's hardly a boring place to visit in.The Big Ben, Buckingham palace, British Museum and the Tower of London are just few of England's enthralling landmarks, STONEHENGE in Wiltshire, across the Salisbury plains is a breathtaking ancient wonders. Windor Castle, which Samuel Pepys (a 17th century diarist)described as the most romantic castle that is in the world,is a cobbled fortress located at the Royal Berkshire above the placid Thames river, it's an ancient symbol of British Monarchy and a weekend residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the current head of the Royal House of Windsor. Across the English Channel lies France, Paris, its capital, is said to be the most romantic city in the world (I'm yet to discover why)as the old adage goes:come to Paris and discover romance, is a lingering phrase and a great attraction to the present generation.

Routing on the southern most part there's Monaco, a tiny principality ruled by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II on the meditteranean coast,it is often a fave honeymoon destination of the rich and the famous, the privilege and the glamorous cavorting to the classy resort of Cote de Azur.Well, considering the high price (a whopping 6 digit figures in euro)you'll spend by taking a single step there, it's a bit challenging-financially.Why not take on the nearest border, Italy, of course, still romantic as Monaco.The province of Tuscany is just as captivating as Burgundy with its vast winery vineyard overlooking the artistic city of Florence.Venice in the northern part is famous for Gondola, many exciting couples eagerly waiting for a dreamy vacation, find a boat ride in the venetian wide canal, a worthwhile experience. Traveling to Scandinavian peninsula maybe not a perfect idea, but Norway in particular is a sort of paradise, known to jetsetters as the land of midnight sun, it's a place rarely visited by Diana or Artemis or Apollo.Fjord in the countryside is refreshing as the English Lake District, Grasmere(home of the poet William Wordsworth)where beautifully cultivated Hangerias sprouted.

Above all, I still consider Scotland,in the British isle, as the best place to explore where pageantry and history blended regally. The ancient castles of the early scottish royals still imposing. The Culloden Moor (the last battle ground of English & Scottish wars where the Bonnie King Charlie Stuart defeated by the advancing army of the English King, Edward II),offers scenic views of the historical ground of Fort William and Loch Ness, where hunting expedition of european aristocrats usually held. Isle of Skye in Oarkney Island is a spectacular boating and fishing destination that would not be missed.Glasgow (Scotland's biggest city)is the most orderly and beautifully governed city in the world(according to Compton Encyclopedia),hardly no beggars, street children and sidewalk vendors. Lifestlye in Glasgow, is far from radical or liberated.Scotland,I think is more safe than England.Terrorist might think twice in detonating bombs in the hinterlands which comprises most of Scot(they'll not spend a huge amount anyway if only geese and bushes are the only victims!).

Philippines is still a paradise country to live, but isn't it a wonderful lifetime journey if we could, even once, visit another land, not to work (and endure the rant of bully employers),but to taste the life of just being there,sipping champagne, rubbing elbows with fellow travelers and the good feeling of experiencing life itself.When I reached the pearl age of 30,it was as if I was deprived of everything,I could not even relate to the very basic foundation of the so called romance, where almost all people claim as the most exciting part of our existence (is it?I wonder, because at 33 it's ridiculous to think that I've not gone yet for my first date).The number 30 figure alone horrifies me,as if I saw a serial killer and I'm his next victim, but I get on with it because life is a journey, and there's more than paying attention to the stupid idea of aging. Traveling, as what others claim it, is a way of curing boredom,depression, resentment, anxiety(even paranoia)and rejection. It's a good breather and best outlet of self-fulfillment.

3 Tier Cake with Colorful Bouquet

Pearls & dark olive ribbon surround every single tier of cake. With a bright colorful bouquet of flowers on top of the cake.

Cake pictures by ljc@flickr.

Beautiful Brunette

emo hairstyles
Dyed dark brown, long hair with lots of layers. This emogirl hairstyle is great if you have an oval face and want soft bangs. As you can see this is a very nice style accompanied with dark eye makeup that emphasize your eyes. Wear it any way you want.