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A Very Happy New Year!

For so many people whom I have met, the year 2010 has been unusually difficult in so many ways. There seems to have been so much illness and bereavement and it has often felt to me that everything was thrown up into the air in order to come down in a different and far better place. With that thought dominant in my mind, I am so looking forward to Midnight tonight and the birth of 2011.

The year 1866 had been particularly distressing for Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Alice. The Austro-Prussian War not only meant a long separation from her husband and the sadness of seeing the wounded Hessians, but also had led to her being on the opposing side to her closest sister, Vicky, in Prussia. By the end of the year the war was over, and as Princess Alice looked forward to 1867, she wrote to her mother:

“May the Almighty give you every blessing of peace and comfort which the world can still give you....May every blessing fall on my dear old home, with all its dear ones! May peace and the glory which peace and order bring with it, with its many blessings, protect my native land; and may, in the new year, your wise and glorious reign, so overshadowed by dear Papa’s spirit, continue to prosper and be a model and ornament to the world!
This year of pain and anxiety, yet for us so rich in blessings, draws to its close. It moves me more than ever as its last day approaches. For how much have we not to thank the Almighty – for my life, which is so unworthy compared to many others; the new life of this little one [her daughter – Irene] and above all the preservation of my own dear husband who is my all in this life.
The trials of this year must have brought some good with all the evil; good to the individual and good to the multitude. God grant we may all profit by what we have learned, and gain more and more that trust in God’s love, which is our guide and support in trouble and in joy! Oh, more than ever, I have felt this year that God’s goodness and love are indeed beyond comprehension!
...I am really glad to hear you can listen to a little music. Music is such a heavenly thing, and dear Papa loved it so much that I can’t but think that now it must be soothing, and bring you near to him....”

Bring on the fireworks and the music....Ring out the old, ring in the new! A Very Happy New Year!


The Age of Innocence

Along with many people, I was disappointed by the remake of “Upstairs Downstairs”, which was shown over 3 nights this week. The original series played so prominent a role in my adolescence, when ‘James Bellamy’ was the caddish hero who so perfectly epitomised every schoolgirl’s dream! During a Latin lesson in school, a friend passed me a note to say Simon Williams, the actor who played James Bellamy, was coming in person to open a shop in Leeds that night - “Oh, be still my beating heart!” – I still have the photograph of that evening when Simon Williams put his arm around our shoulders and smiled for the camera!

There was a beautiful innocence about that time, and in so many ways the original series recaptured the innocence of the world before 1918. The final series – set in the 1920s – was a sort of aftermath. There was grief, loss, frittering away meaningless hours in trying to capture a lost innocence, the Wall Street Crash, the loss of the Bellamys’ home, and James’ suicide, which was symbolic of so much that had been lost.

The new series lacked so much because it seemed to try so hard. Suddenly it seemed so modern in that it was trying to be so politically correct that it involved the token northerner, the person with Down’s syndrome, the Asian person, the German Jewish person....and tried, in so short a time, to include historical details (the rise of Fascism, the Abdication Crisis etc.)...but it tried too hard and it was not possible to empathise with the characters.

But I think (at least for me) there was something more poignant about the impossibility of making this series, set in the less aesthetically beautiful 1930s, as captivating as the original. The beauty of the original series was its recapturing of an era which is rather like our individual nostalgia for a childhood which might not, to all outward appearances, have been idyllic, but in which to the individual who remembers childhood, there were moments of sheer awe, excitement, the belief in magic, in fairies, in dreams! The pre-1914 world was, I think, a world of innocence. It’s true that it was a world filled with injustice and yet we cannot view it clearly through 21st century eyes without first returning to the way in which it was viewed from the inside.
In the original ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, the servants were so proud to be working for an aristocratic family and they, far more than the family upstairs had such a hierarchy that was so stringent and well-defined. Under-housemaids peeped with delight over banisters to see the rich ladies in their beautiful gowns going out to a ball; butlers and footmen expected their masters to remain somewhat aloof and it was as though everyone had something to which to aspire, which was better than their own present circumstances.

People who have been in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II often speak of their sense of awe. Republicans become tongue-tied; and young, rebellious performers are suddenly so conventional when they meet her. That is the mystique of royalty. To those of us who are not royal, the very presence of a Queen, King, Prince or Princess, takes us right back to our childhood innocence and dreams and sense of wonder. The pre-1914 world was filled with such people and created fairy-tale-like occasions of pageants, processions, jubilees, coronations and royal funerals. The royalties might have lived in grand style but they created so beautiful an image and inspired such aspirations! If all their fortunes were added together and shared among the masses, each person might have gained a couple of pennies. The end of innocence came, I think, with the rise of envy. Rather than aspiring to be all that each person can be, unhappy people – led into wars by unhappy ad envious ministers and not by kings - looked at those whom they perceived as better off, and destroyed them. The murder of Tsars, Kings, the overthrow of dynasties gained nothing, but deprived us of so much appreciation, respect, awe and that child-like innocence, which we try to recapture in period dramas.

The world of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, really ended in 1914-1918. I think it was a well-meaning mistake to try to revive it in another era, in which it didn’t really fit at all.


More photos from Princess Caroline and her family holiday


Autumn Phillips, the  wife of Peter Phillips, gave birth to a girl
Mrs Peter Phillips was yesterday safely delivered of a baby girl at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The weight of the baby was 8lbs 8oz. Mr Peter Phillips was present at the birth.

The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal, Captain Mark Phillips and Autumn’s family have been informed and are delighted with the news. The baby’s name will be confirmed in due course.

This baby is the first child for Peter and Autumn, the first grandchild for The Princess Royal and the first great-grandchild for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, and is twelfth in line to the Throne
information:royal gov uk

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DVD Documentary : The Royal Wedding -Victoria & Daniel 'Det Kungliga Bröllopet' you can by from this adress (sverige,hoogstraten)

This DVD contains the entire wedding ceremony in the Great Church, summary of the procession through central Stockholm, ride with the sloop Vasa, choral singing at Lejonbacken with Crown Princess thanks to the people, the unique pictures from the wedding dinner in the Hall with a speech by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Olle Westling and Prince Daniel's speech to his expectant wife. Furthermore, we see the bride and groom cut the wedding cake, and finally dance brudvlsen in the White Sea.
Commentators: Linda Nyberg and John Crispin's son. 

Running time 2 hours 45 minutes 
Swedish language 
Subtitled in English, Swedish and German. 
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 
Aspect ratio 16:9 
PAL Region 2 
Produced in 2010

Men’s jewelry for 2011- Men’s Chains and Pendants

Men’s jewelry is not an unusual thing bit big statement necklaces with chunky pendants make it quite unusual. Vivienne Westwood, Versace Mens Spring 2011 runway and Etro Spring 2011 runway presented lot of men’s jewelery
that was big and bold. Pairing suits with chains and breezy ascots is quite different. Armani Spring 2011 show presented chains as jewelery.
Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2011 has given way to new mens fashion trends that are unusual and very different. So Girls, what’s your take on these spring mens fashion trends. Are they among list of mens fashion that women hate just like some women fashion trends that mens hate or among promising men’s fashion trends.


Transparent Desktops

Have you ever been watching Only Fools And Horses show? Can you remember Del Boy's famous sentence "Bloody Hell"? Well I refreshed my memory on that one when I saw these things; it was the first thing that came out of my mouth "Bloody hell, how did they do this!?" Then all sorts of things started to flow around my head - "Could it be true? Can they really somehow make those screens transparent? If so, could it be that these computers are the most expensive in the world?" Hell no.