How to Make a Simple Buttercream Rose

Commonly, flowers are essential to decorate a cake. One of most popular flowers is rose. An edible rose can be made by piping buttercream. Video below shows you how to make a simple buttercream rose.


frohawkmohawk"My hair-style is a frohawk. The back of my hair is a mohawk, the sides are buzzed, and the top of my hair is bought to the middle. I usually first straighten my hair for half an hour, especially the back, and then i use "TRESemme" hairspray to spike it up. I just put my head down and spray. I use to use wax and gel, but hairspray puts a better look on my style. It gives the dry look that I have been looking for."

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Don't panic.. just dance.

Soundcheck arrives in Las Vegas for an exclusive audience with Panic At The Disco! Dubbed as one of the most innovative bands, they spent time with lucky NYC fans, previewed tracks from their latest album 'Pretty. Odd.' and talked about fame, funk and got the low down on Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Check out their full performance on Soundcheck, the original performance series where you get up close and personal with your favorite artists.

Panic at the Disco Soundcheck session

Fun Cake

Cake was decorated with fun patterns in bright and contrast colors. Everything, from paper box to ribbon on the top, was made with fondant.

Panic at the Disco

Panic at the Disco
Panic at the Disco is an American band that was formed in 2004 by childhood friends (and now band mates) Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its current members include Brendon Urie (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ryan Ross (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Spencer Smith (drums, percussion), and Jonathan Jacob Walker (bass guitar, vocals). Former member Brent Wilson (original bass guitarist) left the band in 2006 and was later replaced by Walker. Panic at the Disco released their first album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” in 2005, featuring their first and most popular single to date “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Other songs in the album include “But Its Better If You Do,” “Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off,” and “Build God, Then We’ll Talk.” The album eventually turned platinum in 2006 after having sold more than one million copies. Just recently, the band released their follow-up album “Pretty. Odd.” The first single in this album, “Nine in the Afternoon,” was featured during one of the episodes of the hit TV series “Heroes.” They are signed under Decadence, a record label owned by Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy, a band considered by many as emo. Emo or not, Panic at the Disco is definitely one band to look out for!

Grand Ducal Burial Chapel at Karlsruhe

A few days ago I made an Visit to Karlsruhe where i visited the Grand Ducal Burial Chapel. Normally it is not open for the public but sometimes there are special guided tours there and yesterday was one of them. This burial side of the Grand Ducal Familywas build by Grand Duke Friedrich I. and Grand Duchess Luise. The reason for this was the following: In Febvruary 1888 their sounger son, Prince Ludwig Wilhelm died at the age of 22. He was as all the other Family members (starting with Grand Duke Ludwig I.) buried at the Vault in the City Church of Karlsruhe. But there his parents could not visit his grave unnoticed so the Grand Ducal Couple had the wish for an more familiar last resting place. In 1889 it was begun to build this burial side and it was completed in 1896. The Chapel was inagurated on 29.06.1896 and the remains of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm transferred there. The next Family members who where buried there where the brothers of Grand Duke Friedrich I., Prince Wilhelm and Prince Karl. In 1907 Grand Duke Friedrich I. died after reigning for more than 50 years and was buried in the Chapel with a lot of Pomp. He was followed in 1923 by his wife Grand Duchess Luise and 5 years after her their oldest son Grand Duke Friedrich II.. In 1944 the Citiy Church got damaged and the sarcopaghs there where plundered. . This was the reason that the remains of those buried at the City Chruch where transferred to the Burial Chapel in June 1956. this involved Grand Duke Ludwig I., Grand Duke Leopold and Grand Duchess Sophie and some of their children. The last Family member who was buried at the Chapel was Grand Duchess Hilda in 1952.

Marble Busts of Grand Duke Friedrich I.
and Grand Duchess Luise

Memorial Placettes for Grand Duke
Friedrich II. and Grand Duchess Hilda

Marble Bust of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm

coffins of Grand Duke Leopold I. and Grand Duchess Sophie

coffins of Grand Duke Ludwig II., Prince
Maximilian and Grand Duke Ludwig I.

coffin of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm, coffins of Grand Duke Friedrich II.
and Grand Duchess Hilda, coffins of Grand Duke Friedrich I. and
Grand Duchess Luise

coffins of Prince Wilhelm and Princess
Elisabeth in the background the coffins of
their daughter Henriette

coffins of Prince Karl and his morganatic wife
Countess Rosalie of Rhena, coffin of their son Count
Maximilian von Rhena

Upcoming Events

Annual Events

Pasqua Militair in Spain attended by members of the Royal Family


birthday of Queen Margrethe II. of Denmark, the members of the Royal family appear on the Balcony of Christian IX.'s Palais at Amalienborg (or at the Terrace of Marselisborg Castle at Aarhus if the Family stays there).


Queensday in the Netherlands attended by members of the Royal Family

birthday of King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden. The members of the Royal Family appear on the Window of the Appartements of the Orders of Chivalry at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Nationald Day in Norway atttended by members of the Royal Family

National Day in Sweden attended by members of the Royal Family

second Saturday in June
Trooping the Colour the birthday Parade for Queen Elizabeth II. of Great Britain at the Horse Guards Parade Place in London attended by members of the Royal Family

the following Monday in June
Garter Day the the members of the Order of the Garter are assembling at Windsor Castle

National Day in Luxembourg attended by members of the Grand Ducal Family

National Day in Belgium attended by members of the Royal Family

National Day in Liechtenstein attended by members of the Princely Family

third Tuesday in September
Prinsjesdag the Opening of the Dutch parliament attended by members of the Royal Family

National Day in Spain attended by members of the Royal Family

Kings Feast or Feast of Dynastie in Belgium attended by members of the Royal Family

National Day in Monaco attended by members of the Princely Family

Award of the Peace Nobel Prince in Oslo attended by members of the Royal Family

Award of the other Nobel Prizes in Stockholm attended by members of the Royal Family

Other Events

religious Wedding of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia and Freiin Anna Catharina Saltza of Lichtenau

christening of the twin Prince and Princess of Denmark at Holmens Kirke, Kopenhagen

29.04 2011 
Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Mddleton at Westminster Abbey, London 

11.06. 2011
Wedding of Prince Antonius zu Fürstenbeg and Countess Matilde Borromeo Costa Rossa, Valle Lomellina, Pavia, Italy
religious Wedding of Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Alexander
Johannsmann at the protestant Church at Bad Berleburg

Wedding of Prince Leopold of Liechtenstein and Barbara Wichart 

civil Wedding of Prince Albert II. of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock at the Sale des Thrones at the Palais Princier in Monaco

religious Wedding of Prince Albert II. of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock in the Court of Honour of the Palais Prinicer in Monaco

Wedding of Zara Phillips and Michael (Mike) Tindall at Canongate Church, Edinburgh 

Wedding of Princess Marie Elisabgeth of Orléans and Braganca and Pablo Trindade

Wedding of Prince Ludwig zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and Countess Philippa Spannocch
Wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg at the Friedenskirche in Potsdam

religious Wedding of Count Carl Theodor zu Toerring-Jettenbach and Natalia Alexeievna Ivanova

religious Wedding of Count Christian Bernadotte af Wisborg and Christine Stoltmann

Fresh & Natural Cake

Four-tiered cake is accented with sugar-paste pink roses, pearls, and deep green ribbons. This is a fresh cake with natural color that suits to outdoor party.

Asian Style

asian hair
To achieve this hairstyle you need a good haircut, a good wax, straightening iron and a lot of time to kill.

After applying your wax, style your hair using a straightening iron. You hair has to be thick or else the spikes will just fall down. It would stay that way in a few hours if done properly and if you do not change the temperature and humidity of the room. Asian hair is normally thick and flat so you won't have trouble with those factors.

Have you seen anybody with that exact style on the streets?

If you say no, that's because it's styled for a fashion look. You have to apply tons of products (probably hair glue) or wax ( like the american crew fiber or paul mitchell dry wax) if you'll wear that outside and hangout by Starbucks. Plus it will look untidy after a few hours knowing the humid climate on where you're at.

Spiky hairs in asian countries cannot last for the whole day without refixing it every so often. I've seen Christian from project runway iron his hair while applying wax to attain a similar hairstyle so I think this one's like that. However, I think you should start finding a good stylist who could at least cut your hair to suit this kind of styling. Good luck on the money your gonna spend to all those styling products.

Go for it. It looks nice. It looks like it got styled with blade by chopping big chunks and fining it by groups.

How to Style Scene Emo Hair

This is how Alyssa Abscission does her hair!

1) What's the song?
-Lemon Meringue Tie by Dance Gavin Dance
2)How many layers does she have?
-too many to count ;)
3) What hairspray does she use?

A kind of living?

In the past - long past, before industrialisation - when people rose with the sun and moved in time with the seasons, things moved at their own pace like Robert Louis Stevenson's 'clock in a thunder storm'. Old village women sat by the beds of expectant mothers and the by the beds of the dying. Now, in clinical settings, everything is hurried and organized to plan. The baby will be born on this date. We'll switch off the life-support or withdraw the treatment on that date....

We have a pain - we fix it with a pill. We have an infection - we get a course of antibiotics.There are no silent Sundays; there are no holidays when everyone is at home; the busy world just goes on 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Efficiency, organization, speeding, rushing, racing....for what?

In the wonderful Le Petit Prince by Antoine de St. Exupery, the little prince meets a scientist who offers him a pill that can turn into water. "Why?" asks the wise little prince. "To save time walking to the well," replies the scientist. "And what would I do with the time I saved?" asks the prince. The answer: "Whatever you choose."
"If I had that time to spare," says the prince, "I would take a slow stroll to the well."

What's all this rushing about for? Who decided we had to live like this? The crowded rush hour buses and trains... the ant-like coming and going...for what? To earn the money to grab a couple of days of at the end of the week to do as we choose? Good heavens! What a strange idea of living we have!

Chess Wedding Cake

Check Mate !   Speck-Hopkins

Chocolate cake resembling an 8-by-8 chessboard, with the black king has been checkmated.

Emo hair tips

emo styleOur hair denotes our identity. It is one of the most important aspects in our body. If our hair is beautiful, we feel great and confident. Out of various hairstyles we make, Emo hairstyle is one of the best. An emo hair, is a style created by your own, a style that is completely different from the others.

Here are some tips for creating an emo hair:

  • Mess around with your hair until you get it how you like it without the part. (there are some general rules about parting hair, and if you want a side part then I'd say pick which side of your face you like better and part it 1/4 way from the side.)
  • To get the visible part out of your hair, you need to bring your hair forward from much further back (closer to the crown of your head). Also, layer at the top (sort of a scene mullet.)
  • Blonde hair works great with emo hair, you can add some cool, brightly hued highlight. Dye it black, plum or navy or get brown w/ blue, black and plum streaks.
  • To make your hair grow, do cornrolls and use organic shampoo.
  • Emo hair won’t look good with a round race. Try long hair with layers and bangs off to one side instead.
  • You can dye your hair with a dark, shiny, sexy shade like a black-pink combination or a dark brown, which are the most common colors.
  • You can highlight the tips of your hair with purple or blue that should be well mixed with the above used color.
  • Go like heaps of layers and longish kinda spike at the back with all different color blondes through it.
  • Leave it long, color it black and get thick blunt front bangs that go down to your eyes but don't cover them. If you are exotic looking, you can pull off black. Maybe get a chunk of blonde to peek through the side (one side only.) Layer the front around your face.
  • Spiderweb isn’t that great. Try some smoky eyes instead.
  • Unfortunately you can never not have a part in your hair, unless maybe you’ve got an afro that sticks straight out everywhere. There are two types of parts, your natural part (where your hair naturally falls) and a forced part (one you force yourself). Just train your hair to go where you want it to by forcing it into that position everyday until it falls that way itself.
  • When you need a more laid back kinda look you can just have it straightened with a bit of hair spray for volume.
  • Emo hairstyles needs a lot of maintenance such as blow drying, STRAIGHTENING, & coloring. Invest in good straighteners!
  • Emo hair can look good on a guy but NEVER take it to the point where people can’t tell your gender.
  • Photobucket is your friend ;)