Virtuous Cake

Photo by boscobridalexpos

The cake is look virtuous with pure white entirely & white ribbon flower as topper.


The British monarchy is one of the most unique establishments in the world and one of the most complex, aside from being conservative, the "Firm"(royal family's term of the monarchy) strongly maintained their rules of succession not to include Roman Catholics and illegitimates (even though they are legitimized through their parents' marriage) in the line of succession. A Roman Catholic is impossible to rule United Kingdom because a British monarch would eventually become a supreme head of the Church of England which is a protestant church. The last Roman Catholic sovereign of England was King James II, younger brother and successor of Charles II and the father of Queen Mary II and Queen Anne.

Prince Michael of Kent (youngest child of Prince George of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece) voluntarily gave up his place in the line of succession in 1978 when he choose to marry Baroness Marie Christine Von Rebneitz, a German aristocrat Roman Catholic. His children, Lord Frederick and Lady Gabriella remained in the line of succession because they are in communion with the Church of England. Prince Michael's nephews Lord Nicholas and Lord George (children of the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward--older brother of Prince Michael) are also removed from the listing when they took Roman Catholic spouses. In 1999 Prince Ernest of Hanover who was 397th in the line of succession was also excluded when he married the Catholic Hereditary Princess of Monaco, Princess Caroline, but their only child, Princess Alexandra, retained her place in the succession  because she was raised a protestant.

Prince William's cousin Peter Phillips, eldest child of the Princess Royal, faced the same dilemma in 2008 when he announced his engagement to a Canadian Born, Roman Catholic Autumn Kelly. Much to the relief of the royal family, Autumn decided to convert to Anglican religion, days before their wedding day, if she did not, Peter would lose his place in the line of succession, currently, he is listed as the 11th successor of his grandmother.

LINE OF SUCCESSION (first 19 successors - direct descendants of King George VI)

1. Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales - eldest son of the Queen
2. Prince William of Wales - eldest son of the Prince of Wales
3. Prince Harry of Wales - youngest son of the Prince of Wales
4. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York - second son of the Queen
5. Princess Beatrice of York - eldest daughter of the Duke of York
6. Princess Eugenie of York - youngest daughter of the Duke of York
7. Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex - youngest son of the Queen
8. The Lord James, Viscount Severn - son of the Earl of Wessex
9. The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor - daughter of the Earl of Wessex
10. Princess Anne, the Princess Royal - only daughter of the Queen
11. Mr. Peter Phllips - son of the Princess Royal

12. Savannah Phillips - daughter of Peter Phillips
13. Miss Zara Phillips - daughter of the Princess Royal
14. Viscount Linley - son of Princess Margaret (the only sibling of the Queen)
15. The Honourable Charles Armstrong-Jones - son of Viscount Linley
16. The Honourable Margarita Armstrong-Jones - daughter of Viscount Linley
17. Lady Sarah Chatto - daughter of Princess Margaret
18. Master Samuel Chatto - son of Lady Sarah
19. Master Arthur Chatto - son of Lady Sarah

Roman Catholics, through the Act of  Settlements established during the reign of Queen Anne, are barred from succeeding the throne because a British monarch would automatically become the Supreme Head of the Church of England which is a protestant church. Act of Settlements emphasized that "only the protestant descendants of Princess Sophia of Hanover could possibly succeed the British throne", Princess Sophia was the granddaughter of King James I who married the Prince of Hanover. The Act of Settlement was established to prevent the Catholic descendants of King James II from claiming the throne.

Among the current European crown heads, only King Harald V and his descendants, King Carls XVI Gustav and his descendants, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and her descendants, remained in the line of succession to the British throne. King Juan Carlos and his wife Queen Sophia, their descendants, King Albert II of Belgium and his descendants and Grand Duke Henri and his descendants are all removed from the line of succession for being Roman Catholics. These European monarchs and Queen Sophia of Spain are all descendants of Queen Victoria of England.

Sailing Boat Cake

Photo via abbietabbie

It used sugar to make 3D sailing boat on topper. The owner said that the boat motifs was took from the wedding invitations.

How do you imagine yourself ten years from now?

Funny comment from a reader:

This is SO interesting. I'm an "old lady" by anyone's standards posting on this site. I was curious about this whole "emo" and "scene" thing as my niece has recently changed her look and style pretty drastically.

In some ways, in reading all these posts, I can only laugh... But the majority, I can totally relate to, appreciate, (and sigh!... remember) what it was like growing up, ESPECIALLY "coming of age" through the **`70's!** and partying even harder through the `80's (guess that tells you how really ancient I am..LOL)

...Anyway, we had the same diverse groups and identities, just with different names or interests than you do today. I'm sure it was all a little more "regionally" based back in my day too. We didn't have, or couldn't even fathom the the incredible technology available that you all have at your fingertips today. ("gasp"...Imagine to your horror, no cell phones, im, texting, ipods, video games, computers, internet etc..hell, even microwaves weren't really even around when i was in middle and high school)

...OK, all this "banter' is to prove my point. Styles, tastes, and interests change multiple,multiple, multiple times during your life. Enjoy it all while you're young, and hopefully have the sense to maintain your individuality and "morality", through out it all. Stay safe, show tolerance, and don't judge one another too harshly. Years from now when you're a wise, (but still cool!) aunt/parent etc. like me, you can look back at all the "stages" and decades of your life, and die of embarrassment, and laugh at yourself, on some of what you once thought was so cutting edge or cool!

Buttercream Artistry

Cake by Apuch.

This simple 5 layered cake is looks artistic with black swirls & orange flowers patterns piped in buttercream.

Orange Chocolate Cake

Wedding cake pictures by Alice 74.

A yummy dark chocolate cake made with chocolate orange ganache filling for the top and bottom tiers. And, vanilla with raspberry filling is used for the middle tier. Royal icing were piped in plant shape.


The late Princess of Wales, Diana was born The Honourable Diana Frances Spencer on July 1, 1961 at Sandringam royal estate, Norfolk, England. Diana descended from a remarkable British noble family, her father was Edward John Spencer who became the 8th Earl of Althorp in 1975, her mother was The Honourable Frances Burke-Roche, daughter of the 4th Lord Fermoy. She has two sisters, Lady Sarah and Lady Jane and one brother, Charles Maurice, her father's heir.

Lady Diana Spencer attended an exclusive boarding school for girls, first at Riddlesworth then at Weath school. At the age of sixteen she dropped out from school so her father sent her to Switzerland and studied social and cultural subjects at the finishing school for girls but three months later, due to homesickness, she badgered her father to let her return home. She attended dance class and cookery courses in London and at the age of 18 was permitted by her parents to buy her own flat at Coleherne Court near Harrods. She worked at the All England Kindergarten School in Pimlico district.

In July 1980 she had a close encounter with the Prince of Wales in the house party by their common friends, Prince Charles, who had known Diana since 1977, noticed how much she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. Soon secret dates followed until they'll discovered by the press at the River dee in Scotland, the privacy of Lady Diana was effectively over since then.

Their official engagement was announced by the palace on February 1981. Diana left Coleherne Court and moved to Clarence House, few months before the royal wedding she moved to Buckingham Palace to get familiarize with the royal routine. The wedding of the century took place on July 29, 1981 at St.Paul Cathedral, London with more than 700 million viewers worldwide. She gave birth to her eldest son, Prince William on June 21, 1982, her second son, Prince Harry, followed two years later on September 25, 1984.

The Princess of Wales became the most beloved figure in the Kingdom next to the Queen Mother, people were mesmerized with her beauty, compassion and unique kindness. She radiated wherever she goes, she revolutionized her role by establishing many charities, she actively participated in different humanitarian crusade, most notably, the campaign against land mine in Africa. She became the most photographed and the most glamorous woman in the world.

She was a hands-on mother who personally collected her sons in school, she took them to extravagant vacations and made them her number one priority. Due to differences, she and Prince Charles separated in 1992 and divorced four years later. She remained a member of the British royal family because she was the mother of the future King.

In August 31, 1997, the car she was riding was slammed on the 13th pillar of Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris, France after her driver avoided a throng of paparazzi. She died through massive internal injuries. He body was taken by Prince Charles to England and was draped in royal standard. She buried in Althorp, her family estate.

Mental Footprint

Carbon footprints are all the rage and it's a fad to measure your own, much as it was a fad a couple of years ago for everyone to wear pedometers and walk so many miles a day. Somewhere along the line, someone makes a fortune out of these fads and it makes no difference whatsoever to the overall health of the population or the earth. Here's a wacky idea which I think makes more sense. How about the mental footprint we leave behind wherever we go? No one makes money out of this. No one uses this to promote a product (well...a few people try with strange machines) but it has, I think, a bigger effect on the environment in which we all live than anything else. How often to we go into a place that has an atmosphere of gloom and come away feeling exhausted? How often does a particular historical site retain the atmosphere of ages? Some places have a happy atmosphere, others an atmosphere of gloom. Some people you meet leave you feeling much better about the world, others leave you feeling drained. When a house has been the site of a murder, it is often pulled down, so even the most sceptical must accept there is something going on about atmospheres. My suggestion is that instead of measuring our carbon footprint, we measure our thought-print. If we go among people thinking the worst, being miserable and condemnatory we add to that atmosphere. If we go among people thinking the best, we create harmony and will do far more good to ourselves as well as to others, than counting calories or how many watts we have used. The earth is much older than we are and has come through ice ages and all kinds of geological changes. Humanity is much younger than the arrogant to think we are more powerful than the environment in which we develop. We are not responsible directly for what happens in the ice caps and the weather systems. We are, though, responsible for our own thoughts...If we want to make the world a better place, the best place to start is in our own minds.

Princess Alice, continued.

Devoted as Alice was to her husband, it did not take long to discover that their intellectual and spiritual interests were far apart. Oftentimes melancholic, profoundly spiritual Alice had a questioning faith, and longed for a soul mate who could empathise with her quest for truth. She became fascinated by the controversial theologian David Strauss and her patronage of his work led to her being branded by the superficial Queen Augusta of Prussia as an atheist. Nothing could have been further from the truth but when tragedy struck her family with the death of her little son, Frittie, it seems Alice felt the need to return to a more conventional view of religion.
Frittie, diagnosed the previous year with haemophilia, was playing in Alice's room, when he caught sight of his brother through an open window. Climbing up to wave to him, the little boy fell onto the concrete below. At first he seemed merely dazed but that night he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and died. Alice never fully recovered from his death.
Five years later, her eldest daughter Victoria contracted diphtheria which quickly spread through the family. Only her second daughter, Ella, remained free of the disease and, for her own safety, was sent to stay with her paternal grandmother in nearby Bessungen.
Alice personally nursed all of her children in turn, adhering to the doctor's instructions that she must neither kiss nor hold them for fear of contracting the illness herself. In spite of all her care, her youngest daughter, May, died, and, since Louis had also been struck with the illness, Alice was obliged to attend her funeral alone.
When Alice's son, Ernie, himself suffering from the disease asked for news of his sister's progress, Alice felt obliged to conceal from him the fact that she had died for fear that the news would further weaken him. As Ernie began to recover, Alice told him the truth and he was so upset that she could no longer bear it. Contrary to the doctor's instructions she hugged and kissed him...It was to be what Disraeli reported to Parliament, 'the kiss of death'.
As the rest of the family recovered, Alice contracted the disease and too worn out to fight it, died, at the age of 35, on the anniversary of the death her father - 14th December 1878. Her final whispered words were, "Dear Papa..." It seems her beloved father had come to take her home.

Chocolate Maltesers Cake

Wedding cake pictures by ylind ypind.

3 tier chocolate cake compiled by white & brown maltesers (a spherical malt honeycomb coated in chocolate).

Emo Fashion Advice


by cakecake

If you truly want to change yourself and become emo, your going to have to undergo many stages, although you'll need patience.

Step 1.

Grow out your hair long enough to the point where the side bangs go past your chin, because that frames your face and makes your face look more slender, you can have the rest of your hair that length.

Step 2.

There are two options when it comes to hair straightening....

Option 1:

Buy a decent hair straightener, not some cheap one that you'll throw away in 3 months... One that will last you good as a buddy, seeing how you have curly hair, if you do have a decent hair straightener I suggest you put it on a high temperature, not too high or within months you'll get noticeable amounts of frizzy ugly nappy split end like hair. Also don't grab a chunk load of hair and straighten it... It will also result in nappy hair... If you have have curly hair, do each and every layer of hair in small smallllll portions. Get hair clips and get your top layers and clip them to your head, and slowly straighten the bottom layers little by little then move to the middle and then the top... To get a more straight look to your hair, brush a bristle brush (skinny brush) through a portion of hair your going to straighten and follow the brush. Also USE CONDITIONER if you dont or atleast hair care repair like hot shower oils or anti frizz from the drugstore, because your hair will get frizzy whether you like it or not no matter what kind of hair straightner you use.

Option 2:

Get it chemically straightened... Wait until your hair grows past your chin, and find a decent trustworthy salon and ask about chemical hair straightening. It usually costs around 150$-200$ depends.... and takes around 2-3hours. When you go to the salon get short layers at the top of the crown of your head that are the size of your finger and make the choppy layers, get aloootttt of layers! and get a few layers on your side bangs not to much to make them look too thin, they have to be longgg!(your side bangs need to frame your face). For your bangs I suggest you get a side swept choppy look that will hide your eyebrows somewhat (like a skater bangs but with more layers more unique) or fully grow out your bangs to your chin and cut it to the point to where you can pin your bangs to the side.

Also if you don't think your hair color doesn't suit your scene style, get it died a natural color range like ( black, brown, blonde) if you want blonde color then to pull it off your going to need a small face/small chin/slender face. Brown and black are easier to pull off and match the colors of your eyebrows. DONT GET THOSE HIGHLIGHTS EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT like (blue, red, etc) to pull that off once again your going to have a slender face, with good features, if not then youll look like a poser. Try not to overexagerrate scene/emo with those vivid colors try to stay a natural scene color.

Step 3.

If you want to poof up your hair like all the other scenesters, your going to have to tease it.
Your going to need LAYERS ( alot of layers on your scene hair or youll just look like a big mass of hair even though some scenesters ignore my warning and still look like they have a big head)


1. your hair has to be clean and straightened.
2. go to youtube and look up "how i tease my hair" that will give you a tutorial..

Step 4.

Okay your going to need eyelash extensions... this is going to complicated at first because it took me forever to master it.
There are two different kids of eyelash extensions your can get.

The full eyelash products the full ring of eyelashes for one eye) or individual eyelashes (tiny seperate ones). You are going to have to find a tutorial to how to stick on that cause for me its hard to explain... Don't worry if you do buy one on a drugstore will cost 3-5$ and will come with directions and glue and additional info.

Step 5.

CUT YOUR EYEBROWS! GET THEM PLUCKED! not to the point to where you completely look demonic... I don't think you'll look good with drawing them on with a eyeliner pencil. Just a natural slender look, not too skinny. So just look up some photos of some popular scene guys and look for one who has a natural eyebrow shape, something that will match your the shape of your upper eyelid and will complete all your facial features.

Step 6.

Eyeliner and Makeup.
Eyeliner... DONT OVEREXAGERRATE IT AND LOOK LIKE A RACCOON. or a hamburgler. At first since your probably a beginner at makeup try the sides of your eyelids if your eyes are a decent amount far apart and the ends of your eyelids just on the outer sides. Also get a volumizing mascara to bring out your eyes and eyeliner, try exaggerating the edges of your lashes so bring them out, get a dark shade for mascara. YOU NEEEEDDD MASCARA! if you want a paler facade i suggest you buy the most palest decent concealer you can find in a drugstore. If you want to hide acne, then I suggest you get a powder compact or a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a tad bit more brighter. For eye shadow look for tutorials on youtube...

Step 7.

Shave any evidence of chin hair, facial hair SHAVE ITTT... It makes your skin look more clear. Shave especially if you have really dark dark dark hair as mustache hair.

step 8.

Now I know Im being a real blunt.
If your really want this ideal image.
Lose weight.
If your slender and have a high metabolism, thats great your set!
You notice that these scene guys are skinny.
Dont go bulimic. Don't get too deep into turning yourself into something your not. Also I dont want you to hurt your body severely which bulimia can lead too same with anorexia. Just exercise and take in your daily amount of food. Scene guys are usually frail looking as in they are not muscular they don't have abs, they look great in fit teeshirts if they are frail looking, they have no muscles but look like a slender girl, it doesn't show the muscle outlines because they have none and they like the ideal scene make sure you lose belly fat and on your sides, that is a turn off. Make sure your legs are slender, no matter how short/tall you may be if you have slender legs your good to go for skinny jeans.

Step 9.

Cloth shopping
BIGG THING, usually your supposed to find your own unique fashion but i guess you have no sense whatsoever...
Sorry for being blunt but its true.

Okay what your going to have to shop for are usually band tees or vintage abstract tees. Don't get the mainstream ones unless you have a nice physique then its acceptable if not you will be criticized.... get bomber jackets ( fur plaid hoodies and are sometimes snug at the waist) if you have slender legs this is hella easy to pull off.
Get studded/vintage belts.
For shoes i suggest you get pumas/ airforce/ the hightop vans/ reebook/ cowboy/vintage boots(if you have a feminine slender body and face) usually sporty vintage/retro scene shoes are acceptable if you wear converses or very common van shoes that you cant seem to pull off you will be accounted as a poser...

Shop at
American Apparal
Some ebay vintage myspace shops
You can buy them online if you don't have one of them near you.
Look at what some of the vintage scene kids wear and update your fashion knowledge from there....

I hope I have overall shaped your appearance of a scene/emo kid.... :)

Princess Alice 1843-1878

Over the next few weeks, I intend to add accounts of some of the members of Queen Victoria's extended family, beginning today with one of the most tragic and heroic of all the Queen's children, her second daughter, Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse.

Only eighteen-years-old when her father, Prince Albert, died in December 1861, the young princess virtually took over all her mother's duties, while the Queen was lost in her grief. This gave Alice little time to come to terms with her own bereavement - and she had been very close to her father.
Alice's wedding, the following July, was a gloomy affair. Virtually everyone was dressed in black, the Queen and several of Alice's siblings wept throughout the service and even the recently-widowed Archbishop performing the ceremony was in tears.
Alice went with her new husband, Prince Louis of Hesse-and-by-Rhine, to Darmstadt, the centre of the little German Grand Duchy to which her husband was heir. By royal standards they were not wealthy and were driven to beg Queen Victoria for financial assistance.
Alice devoted herself entirely to the people of Hesse, often going incognito to their homes, scrubbing floors and making meals for the sick and elderly. She founded countless charitable institutions, supported the Red Cross, opened a 'mental asylum' and personally worked in the hospitals carrying out the most menial tasks.
She bore 5 children - two of whom, Ella, the future Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna, and Alix, the future Empress Alexandra of Russia - were destined to be murdered by the bolsheviks. Unlike many princesses of her day, Alice took a personal interest in every aspect of her children's welfare and education, shocking Queen Victoria by breast-feeding baby Ella herself. Their curriculum was wide-ranging and alongside academic skills she introduced all her children to the idea that responsibility accompanied their privileged position.
To be continued....