The Sons of George III

It's little wonder that Queen Victoria - mistakenly - came down through history as a prudish and unamused woman, when you compare her reign to what went before.Queen Victoria's domestic harmony was in such stark contrast to the lives of her 'wicked uncles' that the glaring difference, while completely missing the passionate nature of Victoria, is so acute.
But, the more I think of these 'wicked uncles', the more I wonder how many of their supposed failings were due to the constraints under which they lived. It's a fact that they were largely self-indulgent and self-seeking. George IV was a most petulent and disagreeable character but, had they been ordinary citizens rather than princes, their sins might not have been so glaring. The major 'fault' (apart from their extravagance and gambling) was that most of them could not marry the women they loved. At least 3 of them contracted 'illegal' marriages (i.e. marriages that contravened the Royal Marriages Act), and a fourth had been happy with his mistress for years and might well have married her, had he been allowed to do so.
George IV married Mrs. Fitzherbert. William IV married Mrs. Jordan, and Edward, Duke of Kent (father of Queen Victoria) had been with Julie St-Laurent long enough to imply he would have married her, if it had been allowed. Unfortunately, where they showed themselves in their true colours, these brothers happily 'dumped' their long-term mistresses when it came to a choice between following the desires of their hearts or the greater desire for settling their debts. When it came to the opportunity of receiving a comfortable government grant for marrying legally and producing a legitimate heir,only Augustus, the eccentric Duke of Sussex had guts enough to stick with his wife for eternity - choosing to be buried with her in Kensal Green cemetery and thereby making municipal cemeteries fashionable.

However, had these princes not been bound by their position - or, had they all had the courage to follow Augustus' lead - and, still more to the point, had the people not had such high expectations of their 'rulers', then they might not have appeared so black at all.

In our own time, we have a Prince of Wales who lacked the courage to go with his heart or who 'sacrificed' his heart out of the duty to marry someone more suitable than the woman he loved - and, like his forebears, that was more or less for show and didn't mean discontinuing following his heart. What happened though to those discarded wives? In a kind of reversal of what happened in the past, we know of the tragedy of Diana. What happened to Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Fitzberbert and Madame St-Laurent (well, the last one retired to a convent...and then married a South American Prince)? With privilege comes duty. With status comes responsibility. Does this mean that those who are born into a particular class are obliged to abandon every shred of feeling in the name of duty?

It would all have been so much better if we didn't project onto royalty our images of what a leader should be, or if those who were happy to take the privileges, had been equally willing to accept what went with it. Augustus, Duke of Sussex, I think stands out as an honourable man for being honest about his marriage and for following his heart.

Double twists

Another rather simple style. You could just as easily pull each side into one full ponytail or two ponytails.

I have found that when twisting the hair back like this, if you make your first twists go up towards the crown and then do the final twist to the ground, they don't flip by the end of the day. Does that make sense or do I need to add arrows?

The Amazing Theft

Shock overwhelmed the staff at the L.A.Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem when they discovered that the gold and rock-crystal Breguet watch was gone. Commissioned for Queen Marie-Antoinette, the watch was one of the treasures of the museum.

The thief or thieves had been very clever. They broke in through a window barely 2 feet high and 8 feet above the ground in a lane surrounded by a protuding wall. They left a coke-bottle and sandwich-wrapper behind. The alarm never went off - it was apparently broken.

The main items stolen were Breguet watches, but the staff were mostly upset about the theft of the famous 'Marie-Antoinette'. Intended to be a gift from an admirer, the No.160 watch involved many impressive features, including a perpetual winding mechanism, a perpetual calendar, equation of time and a thermometer. The master-watchmaker at Breguet, Michael Weber, did most of the work on the watch in the early nineteenth-century. Production cost 50,000 francs. Unfortunately the Queen never saw it because it was completed long after she sadly went to the guillotine.

Amazingly the watch reappeared in 2007 and Israeli detectives think that they solved the case. The museum received a tip about it from an anonymous American woman and bought many of the watches back for $40,000. Investigators believe that the thief was the notorious Israeli criminal, Diller. There is a story that he confessed to his wife on his deathbed. Very thin and acting alone, he used a crowbar to break through the window covered by his parked lorry. He had discovered that the alarm was broken first.

I will probably never go to Jerusalem. It's a pity because I'd like to go to the 'Holy City' and see this watch, among other things!

Baby Do's. Two and a half ponytails?

YAY! A fresh head of hair to add to my arsenal. People ask how my kids hold so still when I do their hair. Simple answer is I do it from the time they are babies. When this one hit a year, her hair started growing and it is getting super thick in the back. Could someone tell that to her front and sides?

Usually I do one or two piggies on top, but as they get a bit older and can sit for a bit longer, I get a bit more creative.

This one is basically a triangle in the front of the hair pulled into a ponytail. I parted her hair from the point of the triangle in the back down and made yet another triangle. I pulled that together and added the first ponytail. THEN I did another part on the other side and did JUST that into a ponytail. Sometimes I add bows. Okay, usually I add bows, but today I wanted just the color from the elastics.

And yes, I did curl her hair with a flat iron. Her hair is SUPER straight and if I don't, we get fly aways all day.

Out the door in sixty seconds

Well. Sort of.

If your life is anything like mine has been lately, your kids are lucky if they get a comb ran through their hair and a barrette. Quite honestly, this third kid has made me a complete and total crazy! Mornings are SO much harder than it was when I had just two. Three people to get ready means I don't even shower til 3:00pm, if even then.

This is one of those hairstyles that adds a touch of simplicity. Normally, we don't do the curls and I just curl it under, but this morning went a bit more smooth than most and she was so excited to have curls. Isn't that sad? My kid feels neglected when I don't curl her hair. Poor baby! Rough life that middle child has.

For this you simply part the hair in the middle and make two little ponytails on either side of the part. So simple her dad could do it...maybe.

Oops...gotta go! The baby just gagged on a piece of cereal and threw up on her high chair...remember what I said about simpicity? Yeah...

Exhibition about Queen Olga

Recently i visited an very intereesting Exhibiton about HM Quen Olga of Württemberg, née Grand Duchess of Russia who takes place from 20.11.2008 - 20.02.2009 at the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart..
There the entire life of the Queen is portraied from her childhood and education to her marriage and move to Stuttgart. On display are her marriage Contract, Letters she wrote to members of her Family in Russia and letters she received from them. The are also paintings from her appartements in the Crown Princely Palais and the Villa Berg booth of them where build for her and her husband.
Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures so i can not present much of them here.
More Informations about the Exhibition (in german) can be found here:

Elizabeth Longford's "Victoria R.I."

I have been reading this wonderful book again and the more often I return to it, the more brilliant it appears. Elizabeth Longford not only writes with such lucidity and humour, but also includes so many interesting anecdotes. Her chapters on Queen Victoria's childhood are especially fascinating.
It is so clear that the author loves and respects her subject - something which is lacking in several other biographies of Queen Victoria. I can think of few things more dull or insulting than those books which recount facts and more facts as though their subjects were mere puppets or cardboard cut-outs. Elizabeth Longford, like Hannah Pakula, is the very opposite of that kind of writing.
This really is a wonderful book - in my opinion, the most wonderful biography of the Queen that I have ever come across,


Black magician? Holy healer? Saint or sinner? Saint and sinner? Who was Rasputin? Does it all depend on one's own beliefs?

These are just my thoughts. Nothing is really black and white and only when we live in a black and white world do we narrow people down to a category. Often, religions express saints and sinners to extremes. Women saints in particular, have been either plaster-cast virgins or wanton temptresses. Those who err towards the 'supernatural' have been seen as either witches or demons, or supernaturally holy and blessed.

Supposing, if you will, that there is only One Life, One Force in the universe, and that is the Force of Love. Some call it God, some call it Goddess, some call it Allah, some call it Life or Beauty. Humanity, all humanity, is an expression of that Beautiful power, which is far greater than a human brain can imagine. Being expressions of the power, what we think, what we believe with all that we are, is what we become and what we experience in our day to day lives. If we believe - on the deepest level - that we are failures, we fail. If we believe we are martyrs, we die a martyr's death. If we believe we are miraculous, we are miraculous.

Rasputin, I think, came to believe he was miraculous. He was. He did stem the blood flow in the little Tsarevich and healed him. He knew he could. He tapped into that power, which is in all of us. But, eventually, he became so puffed up on his own power that he forgot he had simple tapped into something that is in all of us. His arrogance was his undoing; the same power, which had healed Alexei, recoiled on him.

Before the discovery of electricity, no one would have believed that it would be possible to do the things we take for granted today. Imagine if Edison had thought that he was electricity!! I think that is what happened to Rasputin. Rather than knowing he had a gift and had tapped into a mighty force, he thought he was that force. He was not a black magician, nor a saint, nor a sinner. He was simply a man who became bloated on something that wasn't his, and it backfired on him.

A Break

I'm having a little break from blogging. Will be back soon!

long curly hairstyles

long curly hairstyles

Michael Castro

Jason Castros' lil bro - Michael Castro audition in Kansas City for American Idol 8. First thing you'll notice is his mohawk hairstyle. Some parts of his hair is colored pink and it really looks nice on him. And he also got that very cute smile. I would really like to see more of him in Hollywood.

Michael Castro

michael castro

The Castro Brothers

michael castro picture

find a hairstyle

find a hairstyle

Colored Highlights

emo girls

A slightly bouffant emo hair with side bangs that go across the forhead and are always parted to one side giving you a trendy yet elegant emo look. Popular colors for highlights currently tend to be blue, red and purple.

Update on Legislation

As many of you have heard...especially all 48 of you who have taken the time to e-mail me and tell me my information was incorrect, some in a not-so-nice way...they have added a "clarification" to the legislation that keeps second hand retailers safe. I read through the original bill, and there was nothing that mentioned second-hand retailers or consignment stores.

This clarification was released on January 8th. I posted on January 5th. At the time of my posting, no current specifications had been made and there are still quite a few holes that need to be filled.

I still maintain my position that products need to be checked at the source and the price shouldn't be passed on to consumers. I also believe that the government should specify information in the first place so citizens feel secure in their business and economics. To pass a bill that had so many questions and was so vague is very harmful. One can only wonder how many more clarifications will have to be made.

No more hate mail. Please.

Hairstyle tool

hairstyle tool

Adam Lambert for the win!

Adam Lambert
Is Adam Lambert the next American Idol? Check his video on youtube singing 'Dust in the Wind'.

Adam Lambert spiky emo haircut.

Adam Lambert hair

Adam Lambert sporting a tousled emo hairstyle.

Adam Lambert picture

Wedding Hairstyles tips

Almost every girl has plenty of dreams regarding the most awaited day, which is her wedding day. A beautiful wedding with all your near and dear ones to bless you is something that is part of every little girl’s fantasy! This is the time when every woman wants to splurge on herself and have nothing short from the best as far as her wedding gown, the venue and other things related to her wedding day are concerned. The quintessential bride would want everything to be perfect, right from what her bridesmaids are wearing to the way the decoration turns out to be.

Along with the varieties of the wedding gowns available, wedding hairstyles are also gaining ground with the classic kinds, stylish updos, medieval hairstyles and retro looks that are very much in vogue today. Wedding hairstyles have moved ahead from the conventional kind with wedding themes also going the creative way. Therefore, it is obvious that every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and would prefer a wedding hairstyle that turns her into a princess!

Types of Wedding Hairstyles:

Princess in the Making:
When it comes to women’s hairstyles, updos are very popular as a wedding hairstyle and these lend a sophisticated and chic look for any bride. An updo would flatter a round face and add more height to the entire body frame. You can even soften the updos by letting some wisps of hair flow freely around the face. This would help to soften the face and accentuate your features as well. A short updo is also possible for brides with short hair. All you would need are a few stylish hairpins to hold the hair on the backside. Short hair may need some backcombing or mousse to add volume for the updos. Wedding hairstyles would obviously need to be more unique and should also rate high on the comfort factor, so you can consult your hairstylist to have some easy-to-manage options for the stylish updos.

Celebrity Style:
Wedding gowns now have the oomph factor with daring brides going the off beaten track. Gowns that show ample amount of skin are in and most brides want their wedding to have the red carpet feel. The same goes for wedding hairstyles. You would need to surf the Internet in advance and collect a few pictures of your favorite celebrities and voila! You can easily have dozens of options in a few clicks. Simple, stylish and or even bizarre; they are all there! Consult your hairstylist before you go in for a particular kind to find one that suits your face type.

Sophisticated Sedu’s:
If you wish to flaunt your tresses because they are long, go in for a loose sedu style. Such sultry tresses are bound to make every head turn towards you. You can take a look at Jennifer Aniston or super hot Jennifer Lopez for their amazing sedu hairstyles. Sport sleek long hair and add exclusive pieces of hair jewelry for that angelic touch! Medium length hair also looks great in sedu hairstyles.

A Modest Statement:
A simple ponytail can also work fantastically well as a bridal hairstyle! A simple and straight ponytail can add a touch of romance to your outfit when done up with loose tie-ups or rhinestone pins.

Knotty Affair:
Bridal hairstyles can never be complete without the mention of the classic bun. A classic bun can work well with any outfit and it would also be easier to manage it with a veil as well. Low buns and asymmetrical buns can be twisted differently to create new looks. Use a chignon and let some tresses flow freely around your face. Chignons will look great when worn with a tiara.

Beauty and the Braids:
Braids can also look great when worn on your wedding day. This wedding hairstyle can incorporate the simple French braid, twisted braids and many such patterns that involve the use of intricate weaving for braids. Braids can be further accessorized with decorative hairpins and jeweled accessories to complete the look.

Wedding Hairstyles: Things to remember
First and foremost, the one thing you must remember about wedding hairstyles is that they need to be tried on weeks in advance. This would help you to get a clear picture.

You can go in for highlights or streaks once you have finalized the hairstyle and know how it would look on you.

You must decide upon your wedding outfit in advance to try out the right kind of wedding hairstyle. The silhouette of the gown and the fabric would all decide how your wedding hairstyle would look for the ultimate day.

Discuss with hairstylist the kind of dress you would be wearing and plan the look according. This would help you to find a bridal hairstyle that flatters you in every possible way.

By : Kashmira Lad

The Baketti painting of the Coronation of Nicholas II has always given me pause for thought. When it is shown on a larger scale, the light, streaming through the window, shines on someone who is clearly the Dowager Empress, Maria Feodorovna, rather than on the Empress Alexandra or even the Tsar. Alix seems to be sitting closer to Nicholas, in her rightful place but the light shines on the woman in the background.
If it is the Dowager Empress on whom the light is shining, what was the artist's message? Why did he paint it that way? Surely the light should have been shining on Nicholas and Alexandra, but it isn't. Was he harking back to another era...was it one more blow at the new Tsar and the new Tsarina. There is loads of detail in this painting - the woman at the back in black, for example. What was it about?

beauty short layered hairstyles

short layered hairstyles

Prince Albert's Unexpressed Sorrow

Considering the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our bodies (one need only think of blushing or having butterflies in the stomach), it's small wonder that long unexpressed emotions have long term effects on health.
As a child, dear, lovely Prince Albert was, according to his biographer, Daphne Bennet, known for his docility and yet his letters reveal the extent of his inner anguish, particularly in relation to the sudden 'disappearance' of his poor mother - banished by her husband for having an affair (regardless of the fact that he had many mistresses). Albert's mother had lavished affection on him, and departed so swiftly from his life when he was so young - only 5 years old. His feelings about that remained unexpressed and surely clouded the whole of his life. What's more, he was a sensitive boy - a musician and artist - growing up with a gruff 'macho' father and brother.
Perhaps it was for this reason that Albert had such a horror of infidelity and, unlike most princes of the day who would have thought nothing of their sons taking mistresses, was shocked to the core when the Prince of Wales had a fling with an actress. Perhaps it was for the reason, too, that Albert was such a devoted father to his children. Above all, though, I cannot help but think how this sadness affected his health. Frequently he suffered from stomach complaints (it is my belief that stomach cancer rather than typhoid killed him), and exhaustion. He wore himself out with his work, it's true, but all that unxpressed sorrow surely took its toll. It's ironic that his daughter, Alice, who was so close to him, was unable to express her sorrow fully at his death, since she was caring for her mother and taking on some of the Queen responsibilities...and then, likewise, Alice was plagued with ill-health to the end of her short life.

trendy short hairstyles pictures

trendy short hairstyles

February 10th...National Bankruptcy Day

I know this is a hair blog. I am totally aware of that. However, today I feel the need to put something out there that may push readers away.

Soon, a United States law will go into affect that will have a profound impact on small business, including ALL on my sidebar. It is called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It is a law that in essence, prohibits anyone from selling products to children under twelve without rigorous lead testing. This includes ANY products intended for use by a child. Small businesses, Etsy, E-bay, Craigslist, Freecycle, thrift stores, garage sales, even hand-me-downs are included in this measure.

I am disgusted. That means no more give-aways. I could be prosecuted if I give something to one of my readers. I would by law be required to provide a "chain" to where I received the item, and the person who donated the item as well. Can we say McCarthy?

All items that haven't been tested for lead by February 10th will be required to be thrown into a landfill. I am disgusted that the country I live in, who boasts of its many freedoms, would do something as heinous as this. So much for "going green".

I understand the need to test for lead, however the lead problems are from China. Not the beautiful heirloom doll house my dad made for me when I was a little girl. According to the law, instead of leaving it to my girls, we will have to toss it. You won't be able to give those hardly used clothes to Goodwill or your neice or neighbor. Clothing prices at retailers will go through the roof because of the sheer cost of testing each article of clothing. I was thinking today that it reminds me a lot of why our country established it's own union. Taxation without representation. The bottom line is what matters. Forcing people to buy retail instead of buying used. They can't tax clothing that has already been sold. No more boutique clothes. No more homemade puzzles. No more toys that Grandpa lovingly worked on for over a month.

What makes me even sicker is that OUR house passed it with no nays and only a few in the Senate. I have a pit in my stomach. I can only imagine who is in the back pockets of these lawmakers.

For living in a country that boasts being a democracy, it sure feels a lot like communism.

To see more about National Bankruptcy Day SEE HERE

To see how it will effect the prices of your children's clothing, SEE HERE

An article to see how this will effect thrift stores SEE HERE

How it will effect small business like Etsy SEE HERE

For a Facebook group that helps you to see how you may be able to change the law SEE HERE

Write your congressman! I just did!!!

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short black hairstyles

Château de Beloeil

When i was i Brussels in Summer 2008 i also made an Visit to Beloeil where i visited the Château the Residence of the Princely Family of Ligne. They have many connections to the Euopean Royal houses as the present Prince is married to HI & RH Princess Eleonore of Brazil and his mother Alixis a born Princess of Luxemburg, sister of the former Grand Duke Jean. And an aunt of the present Prince, Princess Yolanda was married to the late Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria, one of the sons of the last Emperor of Austria Karl I.
The Château was erected during the 15th Century when the Family de Ligne made it's definitive move to Beloeil. It hten evolved from a monison to a frotress and finally to a Country House. A fire in 1900 destroyed the Château but not the 2 Side Wings before the Courtyard. The Château was then rebuild in 1906. The French-style Gardens go back to the 17th Century.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket






View from the Castle on the Lake
and the Neptun Fountain

The mirrors

The ladies pond

The Neptune's statue