Crown Prince Wilhelm

Apologies again for my tardiness in updating this blog! Interesting how matter arise in our lives that lead us into a kind of temporary seclusion, which leaves a lot of time for sitting about in unwholesome atmospheres but brings thing to light. Family 'illness' necessitates time spent in such hospital atmospheres. Can anything be less conducive to health than being in that kind of atmosphere of a conglomeration of belief in illness? The more I see of illness, the more apparent it is that everything originates in our thoughts...but that's another story....)

For some bizarre reason, last night I dreamed of Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, eldest son of the Kaiser, and wished so much this morning that I could remember that dream! The Crown Prince's memoirs were written in exile so short a time after World War I, during which he must have lived through horrendous experiences, including the daily reports of the loss of his friends and the gradual collapse of all he had been brought up to expect he would one day inherit. Like most adolescents, he seemed to go through a stage of rebelling against his father while his love for his mother casts a whole new light on a woman whom I considered rather shallow. He also is impressive in his balanced view of events - I stand in admiration of his considered appraisal of all that had happened, which sounds so balanced and thoughtful, even down to his fair descriptions of his father.

As I am presently working in a book in which he plays quite a minor role, it feels like opening a door to a whole new world of understanding. Rather than seeing Queen Victoria's family solely from the perspective of her children and grandchildren, it's interesting to see how they appeared as parents. In truth, nothing is ever as it seems, is it?

Please, kind people who drop by here, don't stop visiting because there is a delay in updating this blog...Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos, taken last week, of May time in the woods and gardens of Temple Newsam...

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Wedding Candles to Decorate Your Venue

Flowers can be a archetypal adornment for your bells venue, so why not use addition stuffs that are appropriately adorable and admirable to flowers. Bells candles are absolute addition for bells embellishments. They accord a abatement accent to the bells venue. They additionally accomplish an affordable costing compared to fabrics and flowers. There are several kinds of candles that you can use for your bells decorations. Some of them are tackled below:

Pillar candles accomplish a absolute choice. Best couples accept to use it because of its associated luck back it doesn't bake out easily. Colonnade candles aftermath an absorbing aftereffect and generates acceptable ablaze for anniversary table, appropriately there is no charge to use abounding candles. Colonnade candles are not alone absolute for centerpieces, they can additionally be acclimated on floors or about abroad in the venue. Couples adorable for a bulk able anniversary can absolutely opt for colonnade candles.

Tea ablaze candles are addition affectionate of bells candles that you can use for your venue. These candles actualize a altered atmosphere back it produces a fairy-like brightness. Tea ablaze candles can be put on the table. You can additionally use it to adorn the bathroom. Unlike to colonnade candles, tea ablaze bake easily. Thus, you charge to defended added of these in case some candles go out of light.

You can opt to use some votive candles for your bells favors. They accommodate abounding ablaze and looks adorable alike on the altered kinds of patterns and colors. Votive candles additionally accomplish a admirable present to guests. Simply accept them printed or engraved. Compared to any added kinds of candles, votive candles are safer to handle back they accept their alone holder, appropriately you don't accept to absorb addition bulk of money to buy some added holders. It is accurate that these candles may bulk added than the added kinds of candles, about this is aloof an antecedent impression. Having to apprehend that you are able to save money for the holder, you'll apprehend that the bulk is reasonable enough.

The best for bells candles appear in advanced selection. Bells candles may appear in altered sizes, shapes, and colors. Although I accept that best brace who are allotment bells candles for their accession will best acceptable accede the bulk of money that they will accept to spend, they should not balloon to accede the account and acumen of their choice.

“Some Day My Prince Will Come”—And So Will Yours!

Delicious and delightful. Delusionally divine. Jerramy Fine’s charming memoir, “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” is all any girl could want for a summer read, and more.

Summer Opening Of The State Rooms At Buckingham Palace
I was hooked even before I started the novel—just reading her bio was enough to make me settle into a comfy chair and put myself in the place of this unlikely heroine. “She still maintains there was a dreadful hospital mix-up and she was switched at birth with the baby daughter of English aristocrats.” Here! Here! What adolescent girl hasn’t felt that way? “She now lives in London with her English boyfriend. He’s not royal, but she forgives him.” I do, too! I already wish Jerramy had been my best friend growing up. She’s smart and sophisticated. Beautiful and amusing. Elegant and completely out of her mind. Exactly like someone else I know very well; only she had the pure courage and/or foolishness to chase her rainbow all the way to its end.

Jerramy, tell me your story. “This is a true story,” she says, as I sip a chilled beverage. Only some of the names have been changed to protect the devilishly handsome Brits who have snogged her in dark corners, on tennis courts, in windmills and sitting on top of large bronze lions. Jerramy’s life is better than any novel I’ve ever read! And certainly more exciting than any of my love affairs—real or imaginary.

At the heart of this true fairytale is a royal romance unlike any you’ve ever heard. And that’s mostly because the romance is a complete fantasy existing only in Jerramy’s mind. But that didn’t stop her from making it her life’s ambition. At the tender age of six, Jerramy fell in love with the Queen of England’s grandson after learning that he was born the same year she was. She made it her goal to marry him. As with any good fairytale, there are many obstacles between her and her prince. Just for starters:

1. She has a boy’s name.
2. She’s American and living in a cowpoke town where the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” is the height of culture.
3. Her parents are bona fide cannabis-smokin’, nudist camp-goin’, tipi-dwellin’ hippies.

But Jerramy is one young lady who won’t let distance or a vast cultural divide come between her and her destiny. She leaves no stone unturned and no opportunity missed—even if she has to create the opportunity herself—in her single-minded quest for her prince.

When through sheer force of will, she finally makes her way to London, she finesses her way into the rarefied world of the young aristocracy, quickly becoming “the only American we are not embarrassed to be seen with.” Despite a crummy job, crummy apartments with even crummier roommates, and despite being routinely kissed breathless never to hear from her latest crush again, she remains a hopeless romantic.

Even when the days are bleakest and it looks like she will never find her prince, Jerramy resorts to the most unorthodox and highly amusing confidante for consolation.

Jerramy’s journey of self-discovery is an honest adventure that I wish I had been brave enough to undergo in my twenties. Her story should be required reading for young ladies everywhere. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. The road may get bumpy but it will never be dull. And, in the end, you may have a memoir as refreshing and lovely to share as Jerramy’s. (As long as your writing is as seamless and entrancing as hers!)

Read “Some Day My Prince Will Come” and I promise to invite you to see it with me if—scratch that—when it makes it to the big screen! And we shall all wear tiaras in Jerramy’s honor.

P.S. Cheers to the paperback cover designer, Monica Benalcazar, too! Just looking at this book makes me feel joyful!! Like ice cream and summer breezes…

But the book:

Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna

Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna died a few days ago at 95. You can read her obituary here: Grand Duchess Leonida

Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas

When cerebration about innovative, fun, and acclaimed bells favors, a abundant way to sweeten up your appropriate day is with a bells bonbon buffet. A bonbon cafe presents your bells guests with an array of adorable treats to accept from. All they accept to do is aces out the ones they like, and being them into provided bonbon containers. Now, you accept a bells betrayal that is memorable, original, and one that absolutely caters to your guests' tastes.

When ambience up a bonbon buffet, you can either stick to your bells blush schemes, or use a altered one altogether. There absolutely is no absolute to what you can do. First off, set up a table with nice containers that can affectation your candies. You may additionally adorn the bonbon cafe with flowers, ribbons, and candles.

Be artistic with your bonbon selections! Accept some lollipops, bonbon necklaces, adhering bears, and more. You can accept as abounding bonbon varieties as you like. Also, adapt betrayal bags, baby jars, or boxes which your guests can ample up with their candies of choice.

Here is a acceptable tip about chocolate: try to action amber selections that are in shells or wrappers, instead of the truffle types that may tend to abate or cook back larboard out of the container. Acceptable examples of favorites to add to your bells bonbon cafe are Kisses, Hugs, M&Ms, or different Hershey's mini-bars. However, depending on the akin of clamminess or the temperature at your bells banquet, amber covered raisins or cherries can additionally assignment well.

Remember, the possibilities are amaranthine back it comes to bells bonbon cafe ideas. You can consistently add bonbon brands that accept consistently been your favorites, as a way of administration a allotment of yourself with your guests. For sure, they will bethink your bright bells as able-bodied as admire and adore their candied giveaways!

Born to Rule by Julia Gelardi

Born to Rule by Julia Gelardi

The five queens, granddaughters of Queen Victoria, led tempestuous lives in turbulent times. They lived through wars and revolutions. Some were accused of treason; one was even cruelly murdered for it.

Julia Gelardi tells the story of the five queens clearly and vividly in this interesting book. She gets rid of misconceptions, and vindicates their reputations. I found the story of Queen Sophie, the Queen of Greece, who suffered greatly because she was the Kaiser's sister, and reviled by the Greeks and the English because she was supposedly sympathetic to Germany during the First World War, especially enlightening.

I knew a lot about Empress Alexandra of Russia before I began the book, but I had not read much about the others. All of the Queens deserve their own biographies, but putting them all together and comparing their influences, similarities, and differences was an excellent idea. I liked to read about how the different Queens handled their roles and adapted to the political situations in their countries. Queen Marie of Romania was probably the most outstanding in her ability to adapt and her strength of character. It was interesting to compare her with the Empress Alexandra, who was a much weaker person, and remained too aloof from her people.

This book was a sympathetic portrayal of the five Queens, and I enjoyed the book greatly. I am interested in reading more of Julia Gelardi

NB: This post is also on my Book Addiction blog.

The Rose of Christendom

The beautiful Princess Mary Tudor was once called 'the Rose of Christendom' by a French admiral. You can read about her here: Mary Tudor, Queen of France.

The Duchess of Suffolk and Charles Brandon were friendly with Katherine of Aragon and didn't approve of Anne Boleyn. They took Katherine's side in 'the Great Matter'.

Centerpieces For Weddings

In any bells accession party, bells centerpieces comedy a actual important role in free the affection of the affair and it is additionally a absorption of the aftertaste of the couple. Afore affective on to a final plan for centerpieces for weddings, you charge accede the affair of the bells and additionally your budget. You can additionally argue a florist or a bells artist to get some avant-garde ideas. But your abstraction charge go with the affair of the wedding. But you should not anguish if you accept a bound budget. There are abounding bargain account accessible which can absolutely accomplish accomplished centerpieces for your weddings. In addition, you charge additionally accede what blazon of ambience you are attractive for and additionally what admeasurement of tables you are activity to use in the reception.

Depending on your account and affair you can accept a lot of account for centerpieces in bells reception. You can adorn it with flowers. Though abounding flowers are accessible in the market, afore allotment a annual you charge see that it is accessible in that division and it apparel your budget. Abounding bargain flowers are accessible in the bazaar that may clothing your account and additionally the affair of the wedding.

You can additionally accomplish the centerpieces with fruits. You can adorn them with ablaze fruits that may attending great. If you can add fruits like citrus, it has got a admirable aroma and your guests will absolutely feel charmed. The fruits can be kept as a accomplished or they can be cut and busy in pieces. The able blush aggregate of the fruits may present a actual affected atmosphere to the wedding.

You can additionally adorn the tables with vegetables in the aforementioned manner. You can accomplish altered designs application the vegetables and actualize abounding admirable centerpieces for your wedding. This is absolutely an bargain idea, but at the aforementioned time, will add adorableness to your bedfellow tables. For this purpose, you can accept asparagus, artichoke or alike blooming beans.

Using candles is addition admirable abstraction of decorating the centerpieces of weddings. Candle is such a admirable advantage that it goes forth with any account or any taste. It helps to actualize a actual adventurous atmosphere, if the bells takes abode in the evening. If the bells anteroom is dimly lit and if you can add some flowers to the decoration, again application candles as centerpieces will accept a continued abiding appulse on your guests.

But you can accomplish abundant centerpieces if you are planning to get affiliated in fall. The acclimate is air-conditioned and you can get a lot of admirable flowers at that time. If you are planning a bank ancillary accession party, the centerpiece colors accept to be ablaze and vibrant. It is astute to use sunflowers as the focus annual and can accept some carnations and aureate rod to add added colors. If it is a Mexican affair accession food, you can add some peppers that may go able-bodied with the centerpiece design.

Wedding Gown Guide - How to Shop for Your Wedding Dress

You've done the research. You're an able on brawl clothes silhouettes and sweetheart necklines. Now the time has assuredly arrived-it's bells dress arcade day! But like the blow of the bells planning process, arcade for a bells dress is hardly added circuitous than arcade for your basal brace of slacks. Apperceive what to apprehend afore you hit the stores! First, you charge adjudge area you are activity to shop; actuality are the best accepted options:

Independently Endemic Abounding Account Conjugal Shops

These food action a abounding ambit of casework for the helpmate and the bells party, with designers and prices alignment from abstinent to high-end. While off-the-rack is possible, these food about special-order bells gowns for brides and attendants, so you should be able to delay a few months for your clothes to arrive. You will mostly acceptable be able to acquirement all of your conjugal accessories, such as shoes, veils, undergarments and jewelry, and an in-store clothier will argue with you on custom alterations.

Couture Conjugal Shops

Couture conjugal shops represent a annex of apart endemic abounding account conjugal shops. Offering the aforementioned ambit of services, they backpack absolute artist labels at higher-end prices. These conjugal boutiques are usually begin in above cities.

Department Stores

Department food such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and JC Penny action bells gowns, while others such as Lord & Taylor and Hecht's alone action bridesmaid dresses. These gowns are usually bought off-the-rack; however, your bells dress may be distinctively ordered from addition abundance if your admeasurement is not in stock. Best of these food action centralized alterations.

Discount Conjugal Outlets

Discount conjugal outlets action a mix of discontinued civic brands and abreast labeled commodity at bargain prices. While you will not acquisition the aforementioned akin of account begin at abreast endemic conjugal shops, you may be able to acquisition the artist bells dress of your dreams at an affordable price. Dresses are bought off-the-rack, so you may booty the clothes home the day your acquirement it. Since these food about do not action on-site alterations, accomplish abiding you can acquisition a trusted seamstress.

Nationwide Conjugal Alternation Stores

Bridal alternation food manufacture, import, and advertise their own clandestine characterization bells gowns. While the appearance alternative is added bound than in added types of stores, the prices are usually lower. Be able for a lower akin of account and little sales assistance, but the adeptness to buy off the arbor at a reasonable amount can be a acceptable advantage for abbreviate engagements.

Custom Clothes Designers

For a one-of-a-kind bells gown, you can coact with a custom clothes artist to distinctively actualize a bells dress aloof for you. You can acquisition such clothes designers in best above cities. Be abiding to baddest a artist whose eyes you acknowledge and trust.

What to apprehend already you're in the shop:

o Accomplish an appointment, and, if possible, try to boutique during a weekday. You will accept added alert account if your sales accessory can address his/her time abnormally for you.

o Consider bringing the lingerie that you will abrasion at the wedding. This will advice you actuate absolutely how the bells dress will attending and feel on the big day.

o Accompany addition with you whose assessment you account and trust, but abstain bringing an absolute army of "experts." Too abounding opinions will abstract you.

o Abounding conjugal boutiques will not artlessly acquiesce you to browse through the alternative of bells dresses; rather they will accompany gowns to you one at a time. At these boutiques, a sales accessory will sit bottomward with you to altercate your appearance and will accompany you dresses that reflect your vision.

o That said, acquiesce them to accompany you abounding styles. While you may accept an abstraction of what you want, you never apperceive what looks best on your anatomy appearance until you try it.

o Best likely, you will not try on dresses in your absolute size. Food about backpack sample sizes (8-10), and the sales accessory will pin it to your body.

o Don't balloon that you will accept to be adapted - up to 3 times - afore your bells dress fits perfectly. If the abundance has an centralized seamstress, ask for an alterations estimate.

o Bells dresses tend to run small, so be able to adjustment a admeasurement that is above than you commonly wear.

o Go with your gut! If you charge to be assertive that a bells dress looks acceptable on you, it's apparently not "the one."

o If there is a specific affection you appetite changed, you can usually appeal it. Keep in apperception that any architecture changes will access the amount of the bells gown.

o When free the amount of your bells dress, bethink to agency in the amount for the veil, which can run up to $500 and beyond, and added accessories such as shoes, headpiece etc.

o Sleep on it. Best food accept a no acknowledgment policy, so you charge to be abiding afore authoritative your final decision.

o Already you accept begin "the dress" and fabricated your final decision, you will usually pay a 50% drop on the dress.

o Afterwards - the abundance will booty your abstracts to adjustment admeasurement - don't be tempted to adjustment one too baby in hopes of accident weight.

o Bethink that the dress usually takes a few months to be made, so accomplish abiding you leave abundant time for alterations.

The Kaiser's Sons

The Kaiser's sons were an interesting group of men, weren't they? There are strange parallels with the sons of Britain's George V. An eldest Crown Prince/Prince of Wales who clashed endlessly with his father; a lonely young man who became overweight to compensate for his sense of being misunderstood; a son who contracted a morganatic marriage (around the time the Kaiser was visiting Franz Ferdinand, whose morganatic marriage was such a burden to him); a son who suffered a nervous breakdown (or shell shock??) during World War I; a son who was gay and a son who became addicted to alcohol and gambling (and eventually killed himself). It's endlessly fascinating the way that family patterns work out in the next generation and the next and the next until someone breaks the chain and says, "Enough!".

For any soldier serving in World War I, the horrendousness of the situation must have been unbearable but that trauma must have been multiplied for a son of the Kaiser, coming home to a country in turmoil, and all you once believed and lived being swept away in so short a time. Imagine being the son of a man who was such a bundle of contradictions, who envied you and maybe loved you and played you off as a pawn against your grandmother and then whose throne was swept away and all you had been brought up to believe would one day be yours had suddenly turned to dust!

What's fascinating, though, is that the children of Tsar Nicholas II had a father who simply loved them and had nothing to prove. George V and Kaiser Wilhelm had major 'hang-ups' and their children seemed to bear the brunt of it....Family patterns, following family rules - so much 'stuff' being placed on the shoulders of the next generation - from a psychological point-of-view it is endlessly absorbing and there is so much to learn....

Princess Kate! The Duchess of What?

As the calendar inches closer and closer to the first week of June, that luminous date when, “experts” have predicted, Prince William and Kate Middleton will finally announce their engagement, wedding fever is likely to reach a frenzied pitch. Already newspapers, magazines and infotainment television are trying to fill their news holes with as much Kate-and-William trivia as they can dig up.

Diana At The London Lighthouse
For me, one of the most interesting is what Kate would be called. Technically, her late future mother-in-law never was “Princess Diana” although she was commonly referred to that way. As the wife of a prince who was not herself a princess, she always held the royal equivalent of “Mrs.” Instead of Mrs. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, she was HRH The Princess Charles, The Princess of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duchess of Rothesay, etc., etc. After her divorce, she lost her royal status (the HRH part) and was styled plain old Diana, Princess of Wales—using of the title as a surname rather than as the title used by the wife of The Prince of Wales. Nevertheless, Princess Di she was and ever will be to the world at large.

Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Wed
Similarly, even though Kate Middleton is said to be called “Catherine” by her friends and family, she will undoubtedly be called Princess Kate, but legally her title would be HRH Princess William of Wales. Before her marriage in 1986, Sarah Ferguson giggled at the idea that she would be called The Princess Andrew. She was spared that appellation when Andrew was created The Duke of York on their wedding day. She was technically HRH The Princess Andrew, The Duchess of York but her title was usually abbreviated to HRH The Duchess of York. Upon her divorce, she, like Diana, lost her royal status and took her husband’s title as a surname: Sarah, Duchess of York. See my listing of titles held by current royal wives, see The Royal Mrs.
Which brings us back to the possible future Princess William of Wales: It is most likely that William will be made a Royal Duke upon his marriage, but it is not clear which title he will receive. There are several historic titles currently unused: Albany, Albemarle, Bedford, Cambridge, Clarence, Connaught, Cumberland, Hereford, Kendal, Ross, Sussex and Windsor.

Albany and Cumberland are suspended rather than vacant. They were both suspended after World War I because the two Dukes had fought against Britain. To be fair, they were also German princes (the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Crown Prince of Hanover, respectively). Both of these dukes have living heirs who have the right to request the restoration of the titles. Interestingly, the main heir of Cumberland is Princess Caroline of Monaco’s husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

Connaught is unlikely because it is now part of the Republic of Ireland. Albemarle, Bedford, Hereford, Kendal and Ross have not been used by a royal prince in several centuries. Each has some unsavory associations and are, I think, unlikely choices. Likewise, Duke of Windsor has a difficult past since it was only used once—by the Queen’s uncle, the only English monarch to voluntarily give up his throne. Leaving Cambridge, Clarence and Sussex.

The Cambridge title is highly likely because it is associated with the family of the Queen’s beloved grandmother, Queen Mary, whose grandfather was a Duke of Cambridge and whose brother was created Marquess of Cambridge. Clarence is also likely since the last Duke of Clarence was the eldest son of a Prince of Wales—although he died before his father—and the one before that actually became King William IV. There has only been one Duke of Sussex, a favorite uncle of Queen Victoria who gave her away at her wedding because her own father, a Duke of Kent, was dead.

Although I would not entirely rule out Sussex, I think the most likely choices are for William to be made Duke of Clarence and Harry to be Duke of Cambridge. The Clarence title would then be out of use again when William eventually becomes Prince of Wales and the Cambridge title would pass through Harry’s future heirs. Another less likely title for Harry is Duke of York, a title that traditionally has gone to the sovereign’s second son. Since the current duke has no male heirs, the title would revert to the Crown and the new King Charles could grant it to Harry. However, it is unlikely that the Duke of York, who is 12 years younger than Charles, will predecease him. It is also possible that the letters patent could be reissued so that the current duke’s female heir, Princess Beatrice, could succeed him.

So, I’m putting my money on Kate Middleton becoming HRH The Duchess of Clarence as a fairly secure bet.

(But not a lot of money because “Wessex” was a very ancient title when it was re-created for Prince Edward, so the Queen could create something entirely unexpected for William.)

And, the long money is on Kate choosing the modern route of keeping her own name: “Please call me Ms. Catharine Middleton.” (I doubt any young woman selected to marry a future king would ever be that ‘modern’ but you never know!)

[UPDATE: 4/30/11 The royal couple have been made Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.]

The Royal “Mrs.”

As has been traditional in the western world, women--even royal women--take their husband's name upon marriage. This includes being called by their husband's first and last name with "Mrs." in front of it. For instance, under this tradition, I am "Mrs. Robert Brown, Jr.", a name I only use when receiving joint mailings with him: "Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown, Jr." Otherwise, I prefer a more modern hybrid of my birth name and married name: "Cheryl Anderson Brown."

Royal Ascot - Ladies Day, Day 3
For royal women, they take the female version instead of "Mrs." with their husband's first name and title, which is why the statuesque Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz is called "Princess Michael." The only exception is if a royal bride outranks her husband. In that case, she may use her husband's name and title, but only after her own: HRH The Princess Royal, Mrs. Timothy Laurence and HRH Princess Alexandra, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy.

Currently, there are six women with the British royal equivalent of “Mrs.” They are titled "Princess" and "Duchess" but only in association with their husband's name, with the exception of one, who has always outranked her husband. She is also the only brunette in the group--the rest are all natural blondes. I guess princes prefer blondes--what does that say for the brunette Kate Middleton's future? (For more on the topic of British royal titles and how they might impact Kate, see Princess Kate! The Duchess of What?)

Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she meets members of the Grenadier Guards after presenting the regiment with their new colours in London
- HM The Queen is also The Duchess of Edinburgh since her husband was created a royal duke when they married. However, since she always outranked him as The Princess Elizabeth (the “The” indicating that she was the daughter of a monarch), she was never known as “Princess Philip,” especially since he renounced his title as Prince of Greece and Denmark before they married in 1947. He was not a prince again until his wife made him The Prince Philip (with the most royal “The” included) nearly 10 years later.

The Duchess Of Cornwall Visits Polish Social And Cultural Association

- HRH The Princess of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duchess of Rothesay. Camilla Parker-Bowles (nee Shand) is married to Prince William’s father, HRH The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, who as heir to the English throne has the title The Duke of Cornwall and as heir to Scottish throne has the title The Duke of Rothesay—the two thrones have been merged since 1714. In order to avoid upsetting people who associated “Princess of Wales” with Charles’ first wife, Camilla prefers to be styled HRH The Duchess of Cornwall; and is styled HRH The Duchess of Rothesay when on official duties in Scotland.

The Earl And Countess of Wessex Visit Whitton School

- HRH The Princess Edward, The Countess of Wessex. Formerly Sophie Rhys-Jones, she is married to the Queen’s youngest son who was given the title Earl of Wessex instead of being made a royal duke when they married. It is believed that they requested and/or accepted a lesser title because they didn’t want their children to be burdened with princely titles and because Edward is expected to eventually receive his father’s title, The Duke of Edinburgh. Technically that title would be inherited by The Prince Charles, as the eldest son, but he would likely be glad to give it to his baby brother (there’s a 16 year age difference between them). As for Edward and Sophie’s children, they are still technically HRH Princess Louise of Wessex and HRH Prince James of Wessex, but the Queen agreed to their parents’ request and they are styled as children of an earl: Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and James Viscount Severn (his father’s secondary title).

The President Of India Makes A State Visit To The UK

- HRH Princess Richard, The Duchess of Gloucester. Danish-born Birgitte van Deurs is married to the 2nd Duke of Gloucester, a first cousin of the Queen. At the time of their marriage, he was not expected to become a duke, because he had an older brother, HRH Prince William of Gloucester. So, she was initially known as HRH Princess Richard of Gloucester. Shortly after that Prince William died in a plane crash in 1972, her father-in-law died and she became a royal duchess.

Daily Mirror's Pride Of Britain Awards

- HRH Princess Edward, The Duchess of Kent. Katharine Worsley is married to the 2nd Duke of Kent, another first cousin of the Queen. Her husband succeeded his father to the Dukedom at the age of six—his father had been killed in a WWII plane crash. Therefore she was never really known as Princess Edward. Since 2002, she has asked not to be called Her Royal Highness and prefers to be known as “Katharine Kent,” however, she is still listed by her full title in the Court Circular and on official occasions.

Prince Of Persia: World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

- HRH Princess Michael of Kent. Austrian-born Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz is married to the Duke of Kent’s younger brother, Prince Michael. Since he is the grandson rather than the son of a king, as a younger son, he did not receive a royal dukedom and his wife has always been called Princess Michael. Their new daughter-in-law, officially Lady Frederick Windsor, is a working actress who prefers to be called by her maiden name, Sophie Winkleman. She is starring in a new series on NBC called “100 Questions” which begins airing on May 27.

There is one other royal dukedom currently in use: The Duke of Lancaster. This title has been merged with the crown since 1413 and therefore is held personally by the Queen, who is styled as The Duke (not Duchess) of Lancaster. The Duchy of Lancaster consists of a number of urban developments and extensive farm land. It yields the queen between $20 and $30 million each year and is held separately from the Crown Estates. If England were to abolish the monarchy, the Queen could still be The Duke of Lancaster and pass that title to her eldest son.

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Church Wedding Decoration Inspiration

Wedding Dresses, Wedding Decorations
Church wedding decorations is a major concern when you get married. The decor should be in accordance with the norms, religion, time and budget and the wishes of the bride. Consists of seating arrangements, flowers, wall decorations and many others. Hopefully this picture can be an inspiration in your ideas.

Elegant Wedding Dress with a Gold Colored Pieces Fit Body Curves

Wedding Dress, Wedding Dresses
Elegant Wedding Dress with a Gold Colored Pieces Fit Body Curves

Beautiful Garden Wedding Dress by Atelier Aimee

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Beautiful Garden Wedding Dress by Atelier Aimee

White Silk Satin Wedding Shoe for Great Moment

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White Silk Satin Wedding Shoe for Great Moment

Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Best Seller by Sophia Tolli

Wedding Dresses, Wedding Dress
Wedding dresses with a touch of modern classic made of luxurious soft satin bridal added comfort in the most awaited day. Decorated with Swarovski crystals with elongated flower motif on the dress.

Simple Strapless White Wedding Dress

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Wedding dress is very important in a marriage. Therefore, many women sacrifice their money to get into her dream wedding dress over the years. With so many choices, from the simple to the complex and luxurious. Wedding dresses can reflect the personality of women.

The Princess Who Ran Away With A Gypsy

Beautiful Clara Ward had an interesting and tempestuous life. She married four times - her husbands included a prince. She was also reportedly the mistress of King Leopold of Belgium. Ward once wrote in her diary that she'd rather marry a murderer than live a boring life - she didn't want to be ordinary and she certainly wasn't!

Ward was the daughter of a millionaire lumberman with holdings in steel and silver mines and steamships. He was the wealthiest man in Michigan. Her father died when she was only 2, leaving her brother in charge of the family's inheritance.

The lovely heiress met the Prince de Caraman-Chimay in France when she was quite young. He was fifteen years older, not very handsome, and not very wealthy. But perhaps that doesn't matter if you're a prince! She charmed the older man and the couple married in Paris when Ward was only 17.

She was the toast of Paris, although she shocked society with her unconventional ways. The princess also liked to spend her money - she had an annual income of $50,000.00 and she reportedly spent it all!

Although the couple had two children, Ward remained restless. She caught the eye of King Leopold of Belgium, who 'showered her with attentions.' When she ordered him to bring her an ice, he immediately obeyed!

Clara Meets Her Gypsy

The princess liked to dine at elegant restaurants in Paris with her husband. She became mesmerized by a young Hungarian gypsy who played the violin at one of these restaurants. The princess ran away with the rather poor Hungarian gypsy, whose name was Rigo Jancsi. They married in 1904.

There was great interest in this 'beautiful couple' by the media. Unfortunately, the princess's husband was an opportunist. She spent bucketloads of money on her gypsy. She built him a white marble palace in Egypt, a $5,000.00 violin, and lots of jewels.

Clara eventually had to obtain money by desperate means. She appeared at the Folies Bergere and the Moulin Rouge in skin-tight costumes. She called these her 'poses plastiques.' Toulouse-Lautrec even painted the couple.

Jancsi was unfaithful so the princess eventually divorced him. Her last two husbands were Italian, Peppino Ricciardo, and a station-master. She met the station-master when she travelled on one of the trains that passed through the station.

The princess died at only 43 in 1916.

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The possibility of wedding hairstyle trendy and interesting

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Wedding Hairstyles, Wedding Updos
Long Wedding Hairstyles - Unique and Elegant

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