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royal icing wedding cake

Royal Wedding Cake Recipe

Think weddings, and immediately a beautiful picture of a bride in a wedding dress in ivory and dashing groom's tuxedo to spring to mind. And income is incomplete without the multi-tiered wedding cake par excellence! Sugar cake with figurines of the bride and groom is a tradition that has remained intact. These data, formally known as wedding cake toppers are chosen with great care.

royal blue wedding cake

Royal Wedding Cake Michelle Wibowo

Originally these models were placed on cakes to represent solidarity and symbolism of marriage between two people. Now the decorative pieces are selected to match the theme of marriage. Cake toppers can be classified into traditional, which are commonly used and those that can be considered funny. Traditionally, these data are a bride in a white dress as usual and the groom in his black tuxedo.

wedding cake designs

Royal Wedding Cake Cost

Possibility to portray as a couple in more contemporary clothes to wear to a wedding or a more funky apparel is also available. Sometimes, when her husband is a soldier statue on the right side with a perfect uniform and decorations were made to order. Closer, as the theme, such as pieces that are aesthetically beautiful flowers are also used occasionally.

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