Robert Sullivan: Royal Wedding: LIFE's Portrayal of Will and Kate

Photo Caption: There were countless orchestrated portraits of Diana and Charles on their wedding day, but it became clear that the best picture of the entire day had been made when five-year-old Clementine Hambro-the great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill-bumped her head before being trotted out at Buckingham Palace reception, and the solicitous Diana, newly a princess, leaned over to console her. The fashion photographer Patrick Lichfield, the day's documentarian, grabbed a simple little camera from his pocket, and the picture was made. What charming behind-the-scenes moments await on April 29? We shall see...

LIFE Books will be at The Royal Wedding:

LIFE Books' The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton are already there with Charles and Di's son--Elizabeth's grandson--as he prepares to wed the lovely Kate Middleton in a true fairytale story: the man who will be king and the so-called "commoner" who has captured his heart. This is a modern-day Cinderella story, and it has captivated us. In the photographs that follow, you will see and get to know a vibrant, bright young couple who have made their own way, sometimes in defiance of royal tradition. We're all rooting for Will and Kate, and that is as it should be.

Courtesy: The Huffington Post/Life Magazine. To see more pictures and read full post click link below.

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