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Mi Princesa Española

There are a lot of money to be made, thanks to Prince William, Kate Middleton and plans to exchange wedding rings. Indeed, even before the announcement of the real future, manufacturers are specially designed cutlery, glasses and plates, and new products such as mobile phones and covers all mouse pads, and images dedicated to the couple with one of the two. She just had the announcement of the engagement last month and the race for cash royal wedding to begin. It is reported that the value of those assets could reach more than 18 million pounds, and this is just to participate. The wedding is expected to more than 26 million pounds of retailers anxious.

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Mi Princesa Francesa

Royal births, marriages and coronations were operated with the ceramic souvenirs and other objects for centuries, in fact, the commemorative business in China is so rich in tradition, the royal family. Almost immediately after the Prince announced his engagement to long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton, souvenir shops and manufacturers of porcelain have been inundated with requests for special collector's edition. This is great news for the British economy is suffering along with other European nations. In return for royal wedding bands on the horizon, UK companies have high hopes of marriage can bring some desperately needed money.

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Mi Princesa Greco Romania

Besides the heart-shaped beds and a set of dwarves wearing hats commemorative copies of the engagement ring for Kate and commitment blue dress will also be sold. British supermarket chain Tesco will offer a blue silk dress for 16 pounds. QVC TV retailer that sells knockoffs (now Kate) the participation of Princess Diana's ring, blue sapphire over the years, there has been a 800 percent increase in sales since the announcement of the engagement. QVC sells ring "Diamonique" for only $ 34. This news item is ready for jewelers offer similar versions of the couple's wedding bands, after the real estate project is definitely announced.

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