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As in any real formal occasions, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton have been an incredible event. But if you look at what makes it so special royal wedding, what makes them special is something that every couple can easily and economically achieved in your own wedding.

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Yes, the surroundings are always beautiful. You can not be any bigger than Westminster Abbey. And the dress will always be a topic of conversation. And will all the pomp and pagentry of the unit through the streets of London by the Horse Guards, all with their traditional uniforms. But apart from that the ceremony will be standard actions. No personal touches, rituals, extravagant or additions.

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What will the ceremony to the music. And that is something that everyone can play, thanks to affordable portable CD boom boxes, high magnification. Royal Wedding influence on the decisions of marriage for the coming year. Before the marriage of Charles and Diana hardly anyone uses Jeremiah Clarke Trumpet Voluntary (also known as the Prince of Denmark March) for the procession. Later he became an instant must have and is still on top of classical pieces chosen by couples.

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